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  • Embrace of the Vampire
    • Embrace of the Vampire
    • Runtime:92 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:25:29
    • Director: Anne Goursaud
    • Genres: Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Embrace of the Vampire


There is nothing here for the storyline or plot. Watch it for the
beautiful boobs and butts and some sex, with a lot of sensual kissing.

Beautifully taken with that respect..

Lets see..

A lot of great looking girls in action with Alyssa herself exposing
almost everything..you can replay those scenes again and again for
sensual pleasure.. otherwise this movie is a worthless junk

Could have been a lot better..

A better plot with more sensual action would have made it a better
choice to look out for..


"Embrace of the Vampire" is an enjoyable erotic vampire entry, but a
dull horror film.


About to fall into Eternal Sleep, a lonely Vampire, (Martin Kemp) finds
that young college student Charlotte Wells, (Alyssa Milano) is the
perfect reincarnation of his lost-love, and vows to win her over.
Knowing of her love for fellow student Chris, (Harold Pruitt) he
concocts a plan to break them up and allow her to join her by his side.
As she begins to feel the effects of his power, controlling her
thoughts and making her experience weird dreams and visions, her
friends Nicole, (Rachel True) and Eliza, (Jordan Ladd) begin to wonder
if it has anything to do with her upbringing more than anything else
and try to get her to loosen up. As the time for his plans get closer
to realization, he realizes what's been going on all along and races to
save her from his deadly grip.

The Good News: There wasn't a whole lot to really enjoy with this one.
One of the better aspects to this one, though, is the film's abundant
sexuality, and the ease of which it plays around with those elements.
Being a mainstream release, it doesn't really seem likely to be able to
get as much of that as it shows in here, but it's all the more welcome
because of being included. The fact that the opening of the movie,
which features a non-nude-but-still-erotic sequence only to turn into a
foursome orgy with completely nude participants for lengthy scene. It's
quite fun to watch, and just about most later scenes featuring this
plus are that way as well. That the lead manages to get all of it makes
it even better, managing to make due with a fully-exposed undressing
scene, several instances where the dress she's wearing at the time
blows open and several sex scenes mixed in amongst it all. The best
scene, though, is the innocent photo-shoot that soon turns into a
pseudo-lesbian encounter that features a lot of it going on, and it's
lengthy and quite enjoyable. This is probably the main reason to see
this, as these scenes are among one of the main interesting factors
among the film. The only other thing it manages to do somewhat right is
the continual theme of making the vampire encounters seem like dreams
rather than actual visitations, and at times it's hard to tell the
difference. There's certainly some, especially the trippy and
visually-impressive drug-trip that turns into a vampire-feasting
session, but it's still not entirely clear, and that's what makes it so
much fun. Some of the other encounters, namely the meeting at the party
and a lively part in a schoolroom lecture, are a bit more noteworthy
for actually doing something in the course of the film, but it's still
not enough to save it beyond all the flesh exposed.

The Bad News: There was a lot of flaws to this one. Of the more
damaging ones, none are much bigger than the film's incredible
dullness. This one doesn't really have much in the way of action, it
really doesn't have much energy during it's run and it's pretty hard to
stay interested in what's going on. Much of this has to deal with the
other factors working against the film, but it's still not all them and
still has something to deal with this. One of the other problems that
also lends into this one is the fact that there's not a whole lot of
fear to be generated from it's vampire lead. The stereotypical
pale-faced, whining, romantically-inclined preening vampire, he barely
has anything to do with any type of horror actions and comes off as
weak, nonthreatening and not really worthwhile. The stereotype allows
for more scenes to be of him running around trying to let his plan come
to fruition than anything that could be done to make him scary. One
huge blunder is, during the opening narration, he voices his plans and
pretty much takes the suspense out of what he's trying to do right from
the first frame of the film, which is a colossal mistake and one it
doesn't really get over. That the plan basically involves him turning a
woman into a nympho for his bride, there's not a whole lot of fear than
can be derived from the situation, and instead it uses that for the
movie's main plus, but it's still something that doesn't generate a lot
of horror and makes the film quite hard to fathom as a horror movie.
The last big one is the film's criminal lack of blood, or gore, as what
little squirts that are seen in here are barely worth having in for
what little they provide. Seeing the teeth turn red, only because it's
darker than what's around them, and a small smear against a door are
all that's in here, making this one quite dry, and along with the
dullness and weak vampire lead, constitute this one's flaws.

The Final Verdict: With a lot of it's pluses relegated to it's
sexuality and not much else, it's really hard to find much who'll like
this one. The main one's who'll like it will undoubtedly be those who
prefer these more romantic vampire fare or looking for a quick sleaze
fix, otherwise heed with extreme caution.

Rated R: Full Nudity, several sex scenes, Language and Mild Violence


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Vampire on a mission to get Milano. Writers have
successfully(shamelessly) covered every sex game in the movie viz.
lesbian, group, watching, threesome. Sex in dreams is theme of movie.


Death of vampire is really surprising as he simply dies. I mean he just
dies without struggle, and his amazing acting gives a feeling that he
has achieved nirvana. !!! Come on he got her in front of her lover and
her lesbian lover… be it in dreams, still thats what his mission was.

He(vampire) kills some girl by banging her head on door. And guess what
he licks blood on the door ignoring 10 – 15 liters of blood in the
body. Makers didn't had no time for dying vampire it was wrapped very
fast and end is very disappointing. I was expecting some more milano.
May be a group of some 3-4 vampires would have made it more exciting


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alyssa Milano plays an innocent schoolgirl and a lascivious bad girl,
neither very effectively, but she does spend a lot of time without her
top on. That is what this movie is really about. It's a shame, because
Alyssa could play this part better now. She is seduced by Martin Kemp,
who looks like his head is about to be swallowed by his chin, proving
that vampires need powers to get women, because they are all pasty,
emaciated dweebs. This is an erotic horror movie that is short on both
fronts. The only scenes that really come to life are the ones with
Charlotte Lewis' lesbian photographer, who tries to flip through
Alyssa's negatives. If she had Kemp's role and Jennifer Tilly, who has
a small role as, surprisingly, a temptress, had Lewis' role, the movie
might have been a little more worthwhile. As is, this is only of
interest if you like watching girls play with boys emotions or if the
sight of Alyssa Milano's perfect breasts gets you all misty eyed.

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