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  • Emmanuelle
    • Emmanuelle
    • Runtime:105 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:43:45
    • Director: Just Jaeckin
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

caught this movie on my late night cable network and settled in to
watch one of the great erotic masterpieces of the early seventies by
erotic auteur just juecken of Gwendoline and the histoire of o fame. i
did enjoy the lovely and lush scenery, theme song and exotic locales
but found the pace rather slow moving for my taste. i though that
Sylvia Kristel who plays the iconic role was just perfect and certainly
didn't shy away from the nudity. the only part of the movie that
intrigued and piqued my interest was when Kristel character met up with
and began an affair with Marika green's character. immediately Kristel
is fascinated by green and invites herself to tag along for the trip.
you see the the two as they travel along and work side by side doing
their daily chores. the way that Kristel absolutely adores and fawns
over green. its' a shame that the writers didn't continue this
storyline as it would have been interesting to see how it would have
all played out. this one role catapulted a than un-known Kristel into
super-stardom and se would go on to star in several sequels in the
emmanuelle series much of it forgettable. she could not launch her
career in America and what roles she did receive were usually
stereotyped sexpot ones such as private lessons, Mata hair and lady
chatterly's lover. it must have proved frustrating for Kristel who
clearly wanted to move on from her one role. a decent flick if you're
looking for something to watch on a Friday evening with a lot of skin.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sylvia Kristel is a plausible candidate for lead in a lush soft-core
porn flick. She has candid blue eyes and her even features come
together successfully without being staggeringly beautiful. Her figure,
reassuringly feminine, is rangy and graceless. She seems to be hunched
over most of the time. Her breasts are modest and her limbs are rather
shapeless. The thing is, though, that she slings this chassis slowly
around with such careless ease that she seems to be sexier than she is.
She doesn't just walk. She minces along. And if she sits down and props
her crossed heels on a table she allows her robe to fall open, not
because she's been directed to do it but because she doesn't care if
anyone glimpses any forbidden areas. The dubbed voice doesn't do her
justice. It's babyish and breathless where it should be throaty and

Alain Cluny had me pretty much convinced as the secretly desperate
intellectual in Fellini's "La Dolce Vita," but I swear he doesn't do it
for me here. I can't understand why any woman would place herself in
his hands in order to be opened up to experience. The guy's head has
all the salient features of a perfect cube. If any women find his face
appealing, then I can be certain I'm not a woman trapped in a man's
body because I thought he was ugly as hell.

The plot is a hackneyed male fantasy. Ordinary, bourgeois housewife is
encouraged to find sexual adventures outside the marital boudoir.
Initiated into certain rituals that expand her mind. You can find the
same theme in works of some circumstance, like Bunuel's "Belle de Jour"
and in unembarrassed crap like "Deep Throat." The movie was shot in
Thailand and on the Seychelles. We get a tourist's eye view of the
people and scenery. All the white folks are terrifically rich and live
like Roman emperors. The darkies are happily subservient and will do
anything they're asked to do. The girls are all cute too. One performs
a trick with a cigarette on stage that I saw done in the Richmond
Theater in San Francisco. Everything seems clean, even the opium dens,
and picturesque and inviting. Alfred Hitchcock could have shot this
movie if he'd been a dirty old man.

Not that this is straight pornography. No, it soft porn, so there are
lots of candles and arty compositions and tinkling wind chimes. The sex
scenes are neither pompous nor believable. They're just there because
this is a soft-core porn movie. Of course it was ground breaking in
1974. Everyone flocked to see it and it made a bundle, leading to a
dozen or more sequels. I think there's an "Emmanuelle Meets the Seven
Dwarfs" in pre-production.

At the same time we have to note that this is a FRENCH soft-core porn
movie, so it's not all in-your-face and breasts like basketballs, the
way an American soft-core movie would be. Instead we have interesting
"philosophical" tripe.

"Chastity is a lack of generosity." "Love, to be real, has got to be
unnatural." "I'm a real woman now. I spit on the others." "Love between
couples should be outlawed." If you can get through that kind of
pretentious dialog you're rewarded by seeing Sylvia Krystel taken in
half a dozen different ways, including from behind by a sweaty Thai
fighter still wearing his boxing gloves. (She was the prize.) Actually
there's more female nudity than in today's feature films. The moral
pendulum seems to be cycling back towards puritanism.


Well, it does have a plot, it does have nudity and it does have sex. It
is some kind of vintage soft core pornography with many modern
peculiarities– like the masturbation scene.


But, nonetheless, it is also a hard movie to watch until the end. That
is the true problem with soft core. Along with hardcore– but that's
another problem… the plot is quite simple, understandable and
sometimes stupid; the sex scenes are also simple, predictable and cut

So, let's see. A classic, yes. It must be watched. It must be rated. It
should be reviewed. Should it be watched in its entirety? Well, that is
up to you– it's not like it is some kind of "torture porn" but it
isn't an Oscar winner. Just see what you want to see. And that's what I

Culturally speaking, it marks an age. The seventies followed the peace
and love lifestyle from the 1960s and this erotic masterpiece it's a
proof of that. Engaging sex with maids, lesbianism and orgies are just
a beginning of a world gone mad. And a peak for the pornography

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