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  • Encino Man
    • Encino Man
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:23:48
    • Director: Les Mayfield
    • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
    • Studio:


This movie is so awful and crappy that I can't blame myself enough for
investing time to watch this crap. Brendan Fraser is the only reason
anyone would even consider this movie.

Can Pauly Shores be anymore pathetic? His mannerism looks so awful and
brainless (which he portrayed anyway) that he looked like a drugged
zombie. This movie oozes incompetence in all departments. The concept
is extraordinarily dumb. I guess they don't have a screenplay, and if
they do, it must be an absolute rubbish. But root of all this evil is
with the direction and production – there is no casting to speak of, no
production values, only pure nonsense beginning to end.

I have seen bad movies, but this is worst of all.


Pauly Shore and Sean Astin star as a couple of nerdy geeks who find a
frozen caveman (Brendan Fraser) in Astin's backyard while attempting to
put in a swimming pool. After thawing him out, things REALLY heat up!
Between school and time at the mall, Fraser gets a crash course in
today's world.

If you're a fan of Pauly Shore, then get "Son-In-Law." In my mind, the
real star of this movie was Fraser, but, if you're interested in him as
an actor, then you'd better be prepared to WATCH this film and not just
listen to it, as Fraser's gags and gimmicks are all sight gags. But,
because of him, the two dorks are worth putting up with (not like they
were to the rest of their classmates in the film).

I like Shore! I loved him in "Son-In-Law," but this side of him, to me,
got a tired after the first five minutes of the film. I never was a big
fan of Astin, but he's tolerable as the one who wants to use Fraser as
the rungs in climbing the social ladder at school.

7 out of 10 stars.


I expected the usual stoner-gross-out-high-school-comedy and had also
heard that Pauly Shore was a comedic one-trick-pony (I'd read about all
those Razzies he had been awarded). Also, the premise of high-school
kids finding a thawed-up "cro-magnon" man and becoming friends with him
didn't bide well, so I kind of watched this out of completism and
deep-rooted cinematic masochism. Turns out I was way off the mark.
"Encino Man" is thoroughly enjoyable, and one of the best movies of its
genre. And Pauly Shore is my god now, he really made this movie. Well,
he may be a one-trick-comedian, but at least at he's the godfather of
this one trick. The stoner-surfer-dude has been done ad nauseam in
high-school comedies, but Pauly Shore is the stoner-surfer-dude to rule
all other stoner-surfer-dudes. His figure is not just funny and
dude-ish, but also eccentric and frail (almost a bit camp). When I read
that he comes from a family of comedians, I wasn't surprised. I see a
lot of comedic and dramatic talent in him, and it's a shame that he
seems to have fallen out of favour recently.

Anyway, the movie. Luckily, the pretty goofy plot doesn't put it in
harm's way. Two likable social dropouts find a stone age survivor in
their back yard, and decide to smuggle him into their school in order
to heighten their own peer standing. This goes terribly awry when the
hunky pre-human becomes a hit with the ladies. Man seems to be set in
atavistic struggle against pre-human (and stoner dude), but luckily
they eventually find their moral bearings: the humans learn the
benefits of sticking together from their thawed-out friend, and the
cro-magnon learns to go "halfies" on his microwave burrito.

Like I said, I really enjoyed Pauly Shore here. He made this movie. The
other actors are also good, there's great dialogue, and the babes are
babe-alicious. I also enjoyed the fact that the underdogs were the
protagonists here.

To give you a ballpark comparison, it's au pair with Ferris Bueller's
Day Off. Yes, it's that good, buuuh-dy.

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