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  • Endless Love
    • Endless Love
    • Runtime:116 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:13:08
    • Director: Franco Zeffirelli
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There was so much potential squandered by this film, it's a crime.
Although I haven't read the book, I understand that considerable
liberties were taken with the film; regardless, it is an illogical
mess. How many mothers would admiringly watch their own high school
aged daughters having sex in the living room, then pursue the teenage
boyfriend?! How many idiots would think destroying their girlfriend's
house via arson would be the way to win them over?!!!

I am a HUGE fan of '80s movies and enjoy the distinctive look of films
from this time. And I defy anyone to find a more beautiful creature
than Brooke Shields in the '80s. But these are the only real bright
spots, and can only overcome so much. The big appeal of this film to me
is the idea of what it would have been like to have Brooke as your
girlfriend back in high school (I'm not the only one!!), but
unfortunately, you've got to endure her imbecile boyfriend who not only
sets fire to her family home, but indirectly causes her father's death.
By the midpoint of the movie, I was hoping SOMEONE would knock his
lights out and that Brooke would leave him far, far behind. I'm sure
any real family would feel the same way.

Although I was a Brooke fan in the '80s and had seen Blue Lagoon, I
never got around to seeing Endless Love for some reason. Nostalgia
inspired me just last year to watch it for the first time. The only
thing about this that has aged well is Brooke's timeless beauty and the
beautiful theme song. The strength of these two things makes it worth
watching, at least once….

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