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  • Eraserhead
    • Eraserhead
    • Runtime:89 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:25:36
    • Director: David Lynch
    • Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:


This was a complete waste of time. I'm glad I wasn't unwell when I saw
it because I'd have thought I was stuck in a nightmare. That might be
the feeling it was meant to create but I don't think that makes it a
decent film at all. I felt like being sick it was so unsettling.

And you know what else gets me? The fact that if some folk don't like
it/understand it they're labeled as ignorant or uneducated. Just
because I don't walk about in two different colour of shoes tilting
cups on their side, messing beds up and calling it art doesn't mean I'm
not worthy. This film wasn't worthy of my time! Don't watch it unless
you're a bit unhinged and like to think that some "artist" can put your
dreams into a movie.


I know that David Lynch relies on a lot of surrealism for his movies
and this doesn't make him a bad director. In fact I like surrealism but
the key is moderate amounts and not too much or it becomes distracting
and hard to follow. His movies are sort of boring and hard to enjoy at
times although I can see how some may object to this I felt Eraserhead
in particular was so tedious that I had to just stop watching it.

After thirty minutes of nodding off I realized finally that this movie
is way overly hyped and tends to rely to heavily on abstract concepts
for me to really stick with. Maybe I'm being biased in thinking that
they movie could have been much better if their was some sort of plot
and dialog.


If you ever wanted to see a nightmare on film, David Lynch's first
feature film, Eraserhead, pretty much fills the bill. Filmed over a
three year period (Lynch was a film student at the time and kept
running out of resources but stayed persistent in seeing it completed),
it tells the story of…well…um…that's a good question. There is a
relationship, and a mutant baby and man-made chickens and a man in a
dark planet and bum knees and a woman in a radiator who sings and a
machine that makes erasers out of people's heads (but that might have
been just a dream…inside of a dream…or something like that)…
well, I think you get the idea. Eraserhead (like many of Lynch's later
films) has its own dream logic that, for some inexplicable reason,
works (that is, *if* you allow yourself to be absorbed into its world
and throw reason aside for its 89 minute running time) and you find
yourself understanding it without really understanding it. Yeah, it's
*that* weird. It's also a film that is bizarrely humorous while being
disturbing and frightening at the exact same time. Most people don't
"get" this movie but those who do LOVE it and find themselves returning
to it again and again. I'm definitely in the latter group and have
Eraserhead on my "short list" of all time favorite films. My daughter
is also in love with Eraserhead and we frequently quote lines from it
to each other whenever the opportunity presents itself.


This overheard from a bewildered 16-year-old moviegoer (whose favorite
film so far the same year was 'Rocky IV') after the lights had come up
in the UC Theater in Berkeley: "Was that a movie?" He has a good point:
mild-mannered Philadelphia artist David Lynch's dark but impressive
debut feature isn't really a conventional movie experience; it's the
worst nightmare you've ever had, with the same compelling (and often
nauseating) fascination of a bad dream. There's a facsimile of an
actual plot, but it unfolds obliquely, in grainy, dreamlike black and
white imagery, presenting a long, hallucinatory, and sometimes oddly
comic descent into the restless, unprobed corners of the human
condition, where newlyweds Henry and Mary live with their bastard
child: a repulsive, limbless creature of unnamed origin. It's easy to
see why this certified cult classic is such a perennial favorite on the
midnight film circuit, but there's more here than just the usual wallow
in film school self-indulgence, recalling at times the morbid,
tongue-in-cheek surrealism of early Buñuel.

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