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  • Ex Drummer
    • Ex Drummer
    • Runtime:101 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:29:43
    • Director: Koen Mortier
    • Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Music
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's always a pleasure for me just to see a film that's not coming from
Hollywood and does not follow a standard scheme in either look or
story. And hell yes – this film is different! Very bizarre and dives
far deeper into the s–t than Hollywood would allow. But does that make
the movie any good? Not for me.

I don't think there are spoilers here but who knows …

The movie starts with a couple of "handicapped" guys who show up at the
house of the protagonist. They are in search for a drummer to join
their rock band and participate at a rock festival. The main character
is a drummer and also a famous writer. He is not interested in punk
music or the drums too much … the reason he teams up with the guys is
because he wants to see the extremely bad conditions they live in.
These conditions couldn't be any worse. All of them live in extremely
dirty run down houses. They struggle with drug addiction and other
obsessions like one of them seems to be addicted to sex and at least
makes the impression he could be a rapist or something. There is not
too much depth to the story. It's pretty loose as we basically see the
guys hanging around and sometimes preparing for the final rock show.
Our drummer is always watching from a very distance. He never offers
help to the poor guys rather treating them with disrespect. It seems
like the only purpose to see them suffering is to feel better himself
when he returns home.

The movie also deals with senseless gimmicks to make the film even
stranger. For example the first scenes that are completely running
backwards for no reason.

While I am into punk rock I didn't even like the music.

When we come to a bloody ending the film tries to make some meaningful
statements that for me come out of nowhere and are not build on the
content (cheap content anyway) of the picture before.

I really tried to believe there was more to this film – (maybe there
is?) but at least I couldn't find it.



Forget about the music, I don't think that this film is even about
that, but EX DRUMMER just might be the most accurate representation of
the true character and tenor of Punk. Europe in the mid 1970's was
stagnating in a moral, artistic, ethical, and monetary quagmire, and
Punk was created as an artistic enema which attempted to flush away all
that was glossy and fake, and signify the rage and ugliness of that
unpleasant reality. EX DRUMMER demonstrates a valid and realistic brand
of Anarchy which has not been dumbed down and sanitized for middle
class sensibilities. The movie is ugly, transgressive, and ethically
reprehensible, but you can't take your eyes off the screen. Sit back,
and let this film burn a hole through the back of your skull. Besides,
The Sex Pistols just recycled a motley collection of marching band
rifts which, when all is said and done, sound only a bit more
outrageous than Alice Cooper anyhow.

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