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  • Falang: Behind Bangkok’s Smile
    • Falang: Behind Bangkok’s Smile
    • Runtime:50 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:19:11
    • Director: Jordan Clark
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Falang: Behind Bangkok’s Smile


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this out of curiosity. I am never one to say that if there
are bad places in a country, then the whole country is like that. I can
only imagine that Bangkok has it's seedy places, going by reports, but
I do not believe it is all like this. Unless I actually go, I'll never
know as I do not judge a book by it's cover.

As for the documentary, the girl was the main feature, being beautiful
with bright white teeth it was always nice to see her smile. Maybe a
must in the sex industry to have white teeth, not sure.

I did enjoy watching it, maybe thanks to Pla, but it is disappointing
to only show a small area of Bangkok, unless it is a very small city?
In a documentary, I do not think you are supposed to come to a
conclusion that the main star dies, but I did. I decided to try and
read more into it and it seems nobody knows for sure, unless the thread
I read is true.

Documentaries are supposed to be a true insight into things, and if
this person fabricated this, it shouldn't be aired. I was reading a
forum on the whole documentary with some comments, one of which appears
to be from the Director, who states he called Pla's friend and was told
she was dead (which may be true), however he never replied again when
this was posted:

'Speakthai 4 weeks ago Hi Jordan, as a very close friend of Pla and her
husband I can assure you that Pla is alive. I don't know how she will
react finding out that she playes a major role in your film
documentation. Besides of that I agree with most what TravelinAsia
said. Westernstyle finger-pointing is a very bad manner in Thailand and
besides of this it is only – if ever – one side of the medal.'

This is why I give it 1 star. I did enjoy watching it, but if the death
is a lie to sell the story, then it deserves 0 stars as it is not a
documentary but an exploitation. Until the truth is told it stays at 1
star, just for the smile .


This is the worst and most irresponsible documentary I have ever seen.
The narrator, driven by his ambition to do an expose on the Thai sex
trade industry, picks a random handicapped prostitute and totally sets
her up for the kill. This guy is so naive/selfish that he does not even
mask her identity or those of her patrons/employers (who can bring
violence on her), and at the end, while Mr Clark is on his merry way
back to Canada with his roll of film, Pla (the prostitute) gets killed
in Bangkok. Mr Clark, while pretending to actually care about Pla
through his narrative, is at the end responsible of depraved
indifference in her murder. He might as well have pulled the trigger
himself. This "director" belongs in a prison where he can bring harm
only on to himself.

I was sickened by this documentary, more so by the total lack of good
judgment on the part of Mr. Clark on the main subject of his
documentary. Shame on you for getting a girl killed, who had a very
hard life to begin with.


Really moving portrait of a girl working in economically oppressive
conditions. The images catch the raw side of bangkok. After reading the
reviews, I'm not sure if it is real or fake (the ending). The official
website says "film" but the reviews say documentary. So I'll put
forward that it is a great film.

The main subject, Pla, is very dynamic on camera. One of the best
subjects I've seen on this matter. I can't say I would hold it as high
as Born Into Brothels, or Sacrifice, but it is in my top ten of films
on this subject. It may be because I just saw the film, but I can't get
the girls smile out of my mind. Haunting.

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