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  • Fargo
    • Fargo
    • Runtime:98 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:50:13
    • Director: Joel Coen
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Finally breaking through into 'mainstream' audiences, the Coen Brothers
skillfully woven comedy, Fargo, tells the tale of a man's desperate
attempt to bring himself out of the severe financial problems he has
encountered. Jerry Lundergard, played by William H. Macy, decides that
the best way to fix this problem his to have his wife abducted and his
father in law to pay the ransom. However, as with all Coen Films, not
all goes to plan. Directly from the beginning we are made aware that
Jerry's decision to hire two criminals, characterised by their lack of
agreement on anything, will result in dire consequences. As the film
draws to it's end, we're left with the dead bodies of Jerry's wife, her
Father, a Police Officer, two witnesses and one of the two would-be
criminals. For me though, it's not the story, although written
beautifully by both Coens, but the performances of Frances McDormand,
William H. Macy and Steve Buscemi; all three of which have yet to have
been bested. Fargo tells not only of the tale and ultimate downfall of
greed, but also the fantastic quirky story of Marge Olmstead-Gunderson
(Frances McDormand)in her quest to both catch the two criminals and her
husbands stamp interest. Surely one of the best films of the nineties
if not of all time.


As mentioned in the title I really have no idea why this movie is held
in such high regard. Did I miss something obvious? The plot was
insubstantial and then the movie seems in a hurry to wrap itself up.
The humour for me was perhaps a little to quirky and I did not find it
funny in the least.

I should have been warned by the mention of an Oscar, that tends to
mean its going to be rubbish.

I have read that its primarily a love story, I would like to ask how,
where and when?

The one redeeming feature was…wait a sec there wasn't one.


Worst acting I've ever seen, first of all that foolish accent something
similar to Deutsch JA JA… crazy stuff, poor charisma of the actors…
I really disappointed Frances McDormand's acting performance very
weak… Although Peter Stormare did his job very fine, i don't know why
the rating of this movie is so high, i've seen tons of movies better
than this one, it's something from the category "For TV" Poor scenario,
poor acting, cheap budget, some stupid accent which made me mad… Some
kidnapping story with poor performance and cheap budget… This movie
doesn't deserve to be in IMDb top movies 250, i'm very sorry for you
people, that you are voting really bad…

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