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  • Farsan
    • Farsan
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:06
    • Director: Josef Fares
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:


After Jalla, Jalla and Kopps I knew to a certain degree what to expect.
Nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised. This certainly is a
Scandinavian movie, with all the little quirks and subtleties. And I
found myself smiling almost throughout. All the cheap cuts and clichés
were playfully dodged, and I was left with a pervasive joy over the
little things in life. I was afraid that this was yet another movie
about cultural differences, with token minorities. Luckily this was not
the case at all, and all the characters were lovable and real. The film
takes serious issues like tradition, relationships and friendship, and
just "whips them around" in unexpected ways. Without resorting to

This is a small movie, by any extent, but it certainly made my
hour-and-a-half much, much better! I recommend it.


I saw the trailer of this movie,caught my eye because i thought it will
be a cheap,funny movie,without so much "fireworks" . But i was
pleasantly surprised by the way the characters make you see and
understand real life, they go through all sort of situations so you
could learn something from them, and be prepared if it happens to you.
Its not going to blow you away, but at the end it will feel like they
are some friends of yours, and they really exist.Acceptably funny, a
little sad at some times, and i'm sure the time i spent watching it
isn't a loss. Don't judge it before you get a chance to watch it, its
not a big budget movie, and was never intended, and that makes it


Ever since seeing the trailer earlier this year, I had been looking
forward to seeing Farsan, the latest feature of the Lebanese-Swedish
director Josef Fares. I have enjoyed all of his films that I have seen
so far, from the comedic Jalla! Jalla! and Kopps to the more serious
Zozo, and Farsan doesn't disappoint either.

Like many other Fares films, Farsan deals with immigrants in Sweden,
even though the outsider's point of view is much less pronounced this
time than in, say, Zozo. Aziz (Jan Fares) is a middle-aged widower who
works in a bicycle store and eagerly waits for the birth of his first
grandchild. However, his son Sami (Hamadi Khemiri) and daughter-in-law
Amanda (Nina Zanjani) haven't dared to tell him that she is not really
pregnant and that they are actually planning to adopt a child instead.
After Sami suggests that his father should find a woman in his life to
distract him from the baby issue, Aziz starts looking for potential
wife candidates with the help of his two colleagues, the shy Jörgen
(Torkel Petersson) and the laid-back Juan (Juan Rodríguez).

The film's main charm lies more in the lovable characters and
performances than in outlandish situations, even though the comedic
scenes are very funny at best, especially Aziz training Jörgen to be
manlier and teaching a lesson to an irate customer skilled in kung fu.
The general tone of the film is closer to drama than comedy, so a lot
of attention is paid to fleshing the supporting characters out in
addition to advancing the main storyline. Aziz's colleagues have their
own troubles that reflect those of the main characters: Juan must learn
to let go of his old dying dog much like Aziz must get over the death
of his dear deceased wife. In turn, Jörgen has to overcome his marital
insecurity, not unlike Sami who is trying to find the courage to reveal
the truth about his future child to his father.

The director's own father Jan Fares does an excellent job as the
eponymous dad; I loved the sense of vulnerability he conveys under his
seemingly cheery and self-confident appearance. Torkel Petersson is
more openly comedic as the emasculated Jörgen but also sends
melancholic vibes through his role, perhaps acting as a symbol of sorts
for the meek Swedish man in the increasingly demanding modern society.
The storyline of Juan and his old Labrador retriever Dino is the most
wistful one and may well bring a tear or two to dog lovers' eyes.

By including so many different emotions and details in one 97-minute
movie, Josef Fares has certainly once again succeeded in delivering an
enjoyable cinematic experience. I'm surprised to see it having only a
mediocre rating on IMDb (5.6/10 with 657 votes at the time of writing
this); I don't feel there are too many plot lines or that the Jörgen
type of character has already been done too many times in other movies
as indicated by some reviews I've read. Personally, I urge everyone to
see the movie that will hopefully gain attention outside Sweden as

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