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  • Fei chang wan mei
    • Fei chang wan mei
    • Runtime:107 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:09:49
    • Director: Yimeng Jin
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Fei chang wan mei


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While the movie was on I really liked this film and I hated myself for
doing so. This romantic comedy about unreal people in an unreal China
is the sort of thing Hollywood makes with regularity (and they are
remaking this as well) with say Jennifer Garner or Rene Zelwiger.

The plot has the dumped Sophie trying to get her boyfriend back after
he runs off with a well known actress. She is aided by a cute guy who
has a past with the actress. Together they try to wreck the
relationship and send the boyfriend back to Sophie. Of course there are
other complications.

Sue me I laughed. Its unreal and I didn't care. I just sat and laughed
and waited to see what happened next. Sure you know the course the
romance will take, but how it gets there has some nice twists. Yes the
film has a cruel edge with Sophie getting abused, but at the same time
the film maintains a really nice charm.

I liked it. Its not high art, and to be honest an hour after its done
you'll have forgotten you saw it but for two hours its a nice


I liked this movie, not because it was the epitome of originality, but
it was fun. I can't recall if I've seen or read something with a
similar storyline, but given the amount of creative people in the
world…I suspect so. At first I didn't understand the computer effects
and off the wall "delusions" as some called them, but as an artist I
immediately begin to recognize this as the character's imaginative
interpretation of events.

The story stays on track, it's not all over the place. Some revelations
are predictable…about 3 minutes before they happen….if you want to
call that predictable. Others are…well obvious. It's a romance
comedy, c'mon..what do you expect? You go into it knowing someone's
going to get together, you shouldn't be surprised when it happens. What
should matter is the events in between and whether they make you laugh
or care about the characters. This story did it for me. I think Zhang
Ziyi (Sophie), Peter Ho (Gordon), Fan Bingbing (Joanna) and So Ji-sub
(Jeff) did a great job with their roles and carrying the story.

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