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  • Fire Down Below
    • Fire Down Below
    • Runtime:105 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:09:02
    • Director: Félix Enríquez Alcalá
    • Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Fire Down Below


The usual in Steven Seagal's movies take place in "Fire Down Below"
too. He's the good guy again; the hero again; he's never got punched
but he kicks and punches lots of guys with the little help of the
editor who makes his moves even faster. This movie resembles "On Deadly
Ground", so here we have Seagal saving the Earth of the bloody hands of
powerful and corrupt business man who are destroying rivers, oceans and
trees and all. The major difference between "Fire Down Below" and "On
Deadly Ground" is the quality of the movie (for some reason I like "On
Deadly…") and the violence/action. While action is dumb and so non
breathtaking here, on the previous film was something great, although
at times badly used or excessive, especially towards older people, it
was literally no country for old men (e.g. the old friend of Seagal
tortured and killed in 1994 film). In "Fire Down Below" the same thing
happens but it is only implied, nothing is shown on screen and other
times it's only a threat.

In the story Seagal is a Environmental agent who goes to a little town
in Kentucky investigate the murder of his friend who discovered that a
powerful company, owned by Orin Hanner Sr. (Kris Kristofferson), is
being paid to dump toxic waste into an abandoned coal mine shaft. With
the assistance of a Reverend (Levon Helm) and a woman (Marg
Helgenberger) and some other residents Segal is gonna find the truth
and kicks some villains.

The lack of action ruined this movie. The lack of violence ruined this
movie. The lack of someone able to kick Seagal on the face ruined this
and almost all Seagal's movies. The great vantage of this against "On
Deadly Ground" is the quotes delivered by Seagal, funny things and for
incredible as it might sound these quotes are not unintentionally
laughable, they're there for the purpose of being funny. The scene in
the casino when Seagal takes down 4 security guys trying to arrest
Kristofferson is amazingly funny.

I'll not say this was Seagal's worst film, but perhaps his performance
was not good enough and the whole supporting cast was very effective
and good compared to him. Marg Helgenberger was great, her part was
very interesting as the forsaken woman of the town; Stephen Lang plays
his usual sinister figure in a twisted character; Kristofferson was
quite good and funny; and Levon Helm was the best on scene. The movie
includes some bad acting from Brad Hunt (he plays the son of
Kristofferson) whose presence is annoying, and some wasted acting by
Harry Dean Stanton and Richard Masur (who appears in the beginning in
some flashbacks), seriously they deserved a better flick to appear.

Again, it is a movie to wait and wait again for action and it will be a
few good things in it. Director Felix Enriquez Alcalá made better with
the TV film remake of "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three". 4/10


love him or hate him,you have to admit,Steven Seagal's movies pretty
much follow the same tried and true formula,which basically involves
Seagal ending up on someone's bad side,and then proceeding to show off
his martial arts prowess by beating up everybody in sight.well not
everybody.just the bad people.this movie is no different.but hey,it
works.it's nothing new or original.but if you're a Seagal fan,this
should quench your thirst.like his previous movie,On Deadly Ground
there's an environmental theme here too.Marg Helgenbberger(CSI Las
Vegas)plays the love interest and does a good job with her
character.Harry dean Stanton is also very good.There are also a lot of
country stars in the movie,including Kris Kristofferson,who is very
impressive.there are nice fight sequences in this one.for me,Fire Down
Below is a 7/10


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An EPA agent Jack Taggart (Seagal) is sent to go "undercover" in
eastern Kentucky to find out who's responsible for dumping toxins in
the ground. Of course in a film like this, there's a friend of
Taggart's who's dead, so he has to avenge him. The locals, mostly poor
are too afraid to make much noise about who's doing it for fear of
reprisals. So Taggart strolls into town and starts doing odd jobs for a
church fixing up some local's porches, playing the fiddle and then
meets the female lead Sarah Kellogg (Helgenberger). It's just as bad as
it sounds. I like to the scene where he grabs the rattle snake lighting
quick, I guess I'm not the only one who saw "Hard Target". Pretty soon
he gets into fights with the local trash and as always dominates and
finds out that Orin Hanner Sr. (Kristofferson) is the guy behind the
whole operation. Taggart goes after his spineless son Orin Jr. (Hunt)
who runs the business locally and eventually takes it to the top and
sends Sr. to the big house in an anti climatic ending.

This is one of Seagal's worst movies in my opinion. Even in films where
the script was bad, Seagal usually would come through with some good
fight sequences but even these are fairly lame in this. More often you
are waiting for some action to actually happen, but rather you get to
see Seagal glad hand the locals, sing, play guitars, square dance, give
an environmental speech and do routine maintenance for the poor. Can
you say stupid? The movie is boring and Seagal supposedly undercover
stands out like sore thumb with those silly jackets. With the few
action scenes you get, all are vastly inferior to those of his past
greats and what kicks he had are very poor indeed. By this time in his
career he was not in great shape and this may have affected the scenes
in general. The best action scene in the film actually involves a big
rig chasing him in truck like Red Fox's. To add to this, there is very
little killing in this, not only does he push the environmental
message, but he kills very few people. I mean come on, the staple of a
film like this is the showdown at the end and the bad guy bites it. But
no Seagal wounds the guy and arrests him. And don't even get me started
with the gas station and the flare, didn't want to hurt any bystanders
I suppose. WEAK!

There are plenty of fine actors in this film, not really sure why, who
also come out looking thoroughly awful. Nobody usually expects fine
acting from a film like this, but good actors can only do so much with
a terrible script and this proves good actors can be totally wasted on
poor writing. Harry Dean Stanton is great and he has such a weak
hillbilly role in this, along with Helgenberger. And of course Seagal
speaks as always painfully low toned and silly, like he's on
depressants. If your fan of The Punisher look for Mark Collie playing a
hick who can't fight. Also once Seagal started putting into his films
too much of an environmental message the movies began to go down hill.
Believe me, I'm for the environment, but it has very little place in
these films and Seagal looks like a fool doing speeches on the subject,
remember On Deadly Ground? This is worse.

There very few bright spots, one being the location shots. OK nice, but
I came to see action not Kentucky. For country music fans I would
imagine this is a gold mine, with lots of music and stars making
appearances in the films. Again, didn't come to see that. With a few
one liners that are OK, there is nothing much more to say that is good.
Surprisingly this was released in theaters and I can see why it was one
of his last. Overall a very poor action film, with no nudity to speak
of equals 1 out of 10 stars.

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