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  • Flicka 2
    • Flicka 2
    • Runtime:95 min
    • Release Date:2014-03-22 05:43:04
    • Director: Michael Damian
    • Genres: Family
    • Studio:


I have to be honest, I am not a big horse person, but with this movie,
you cant help fall in love with Flicka and all the people surrounding
her. This is such a sweet film regarding difficult situations and
getting through them with love. Even the wild, can be tamed. Plus you
get to see beautiful scenery, surrounding this story.

We need more movies out like this that you can be proud to bring your
children to. And not have to worry about profanity, and sexual content.
Also, any violence. I applaud FLICKA 2 and all involved! What a great
cast. The director did a fantastic job! A must see for all! Tell all
your friends to purchase this movie!!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So I have never really been a fan of sequels. I tend to think they get
over done and have terrible story lines. But being a fan of horses and
of course the first Flica I gave it a shot. It is a touching story of a
stero-typical teenage girl who is forced to go live with her father in
the middle of nowhere. The acting was good, when the actress who was
playing Carrie had to cry it was believable and I even cried along with
her. The actor playing Jake has a pretty good voice even though his
lyrics were kind of lame. The actress playing Amy did a good job on
playing that mean girl every movie has to have. I liked Tim in the
first Flick but wasn't disappointed with Hank. Overall I would watch it
again, and you should to.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The theme is very common, a teenage girl goes to live with her
estranged father, the girl does everything she can to make sure she
remains miserable, while the father does everything he can to assure
her that she is loved and wanted. Some type of animal needing care
enters the picture, and provides the catalyst for mending
relationships. The theme was central to, for example, "Fly Away Home",
where the young girl went to live with her father after mom died.
Rescuing wild goose eggs and raising the geese was the catalyst. I
recently also saw Miley Cyrus' "Last Song" where she discovered a
raccoon disturbing sea turtle eggs and she took an interest in their

In this movie Tammin Sursok, 26 as a 16-year-old, is Carrie McLaughlin
who is cared for by grandma in the city. But grandma is becoming senile
and the authorities want to put her in a foster home, but instead goes
to live in Wyoming (filmed in Canada) with her ranch-owner dad who was
separated from her when she was a small girl.

Naturally she hates the ranch, the lack of internet, poor telephone
reception, and no hard surfaces to practice her skateboarding. She acts
like a brat, but dad (Patrick Warburton) never gives up. One day Carrie
spots the beautiful, black Mustang Flicka, and the two of them take to
each other right away.

The story is fairly predictable, the neighboring rancher is not a very
friendly type, and his teenage riding daughter is a brat, stuck on
herself, and in a pivotal scene they want Flicka destroyed. But being a
family film we know that will not likely happen. There is also a cute
teenage boy that makes things interesting for Carrie.

I enjoyed the movie. Sursock does well in her role, as well as
Warburton. But my favorite is Clint Black as ranch hand Toby with he
ever-present smile and the humorous lines he manages to deliver.

SPOILER: Dad's livestock damage the neighbor's fence once again and
under the gun he has to give up Flicka which once had been a highly
trained competition horse. The obnoxious daughter uses Flicka for
competition, Flicka gets spooked by camera flashes, they fall, she
loses, they want to have Flicka destroyed. But Carrie at night sneaks
Flicka out and rides her to a remote area where the wild Mustangs hang
out, to save her, and Carrie is able to visit her but not own her.

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