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  • Forever Young
    • Forever Young
    • Runtime:102 min
    • Release Date:2016-12-09 20:04:49
    • Director: Steve Miner
    • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Forever Young


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A very touching film because of some extremely sentimental and poignant
elements. The girl that holds your heart and to whom you cannot propose
crosses a road and gets hit by a truck. Coma…, irreversible…, they say.
Better get frozen for later than live through this death. Frozen by
some doctor who dies and leaves you behind and you are abandoned in a
hangar. A couple of naughty boys revive you and then the real nightmare
starts. They all believe you are nuts of course, except the mother of
one of the boys, a nurse by profession he saves from an ex-whatever who
wants to rape her. Finding your identity after 53 years in ice, that's
hard. But there is a slight problem with Dorian Gray's picture. You are
the picture and your age shows fast. Will he find and marry his
sweetheart and is she still alive? Will he escape the cops and the
doctors? Who knows? What will the little boy who revived him do?
Nothing to say here. Just keep in mind this film is a piece of romantic
beauty and that's all. The visit of the air force base I remember I
must have done it in the same period, around 1990, one or two years
more or less. That was a funny experience and I would have loved
meeting Mel Gibson in one of the jets. But well no luck boy. Mel Gibson
is nothing but a celluloid baby who has no real existence and his life
is a dream and in this case the dream could have turned into a
nightmare. Mel Gibson is a very flexible actor and manages romantic
situations or situations with kids just as well as he does mad
situations with Max and his tribe, not to speak of the mythic religious
rewriting of the passion or the whole cosmos. There is something like a
certain Connors and Schwarzenegger in that Gibson, even if he is a
difficult spouse to get a divorce from. Back to the future then.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University
Paris 8 Saint Denis, University Paris 12 Créteil, CEGID


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first time I watched this movie was because I enjoy aviation
related movies and most things with a 1940's atmosphere. By the time it
was over it became my favorite Mel Gibson movie of all time. He is
totally believable in an unbelievable situation…and a wonderful story
about courage, morals, values, coming to the rescue, commitment, and
yes…love. Great action scenes converge with a truly touching story.
One of the more subtly sad and warming, often lost sub-stories, is when
it is revealed that Daniel's best friend Harry died trying to save him
during a fire which ultimately lead to the 'Experiment' being lost in
time. Everything about this story moves along at a wonderful pace…all
the pieces believably fall into their alloted time line, yet there is
enough mystery and surprise to keep it interesting and riveting. Often
overlooked is how much the marvelous soundtrack adds to the effect of
the movie…absolutely wonderful movie…and this comes from a guy who
normally doesn't care much for the warm fuzzy mushy kind of picture


First things first, I do not think this is Mel Gibson's best film, but
it isn't his worst either. This is a minor film with a simplistic plot
but charming performances. The pace is rather pedestrian, and Steve
Miner's direction is a little too uptight. But Mel Gibson despite
playing a tired sort of character, does well at acting bemused, and
Jamie Lee Curtis provides charming support. Elijah Wood is also
convincing as Nat, and the two lead's reunion is very touching and
poignant and it avoids trying to be funny. Nice music and sumptuous
filming also help.

Overall, a minor entry in the Mel Gibson canon, but a nice, simple and
touching film. 8/10 Bethany Cox


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Forever Young" opens in the year 1939. Daniel McCormick, a test pilot
with the US Army Air Force, sees his girlfriend Helen seriously injured
in a road accident which leaves her in a coma. Helen is not expected to
recover, and the grief-stricken Daniel volunteers to take part in a
secret cryonic freezing experiment being carried out by his close
friend, Harry Finley. Daniel hopes that he can be put in suspended
animation for a year, so that he doesn't have to watch Helen die.
Unfortunately, Harry dies shortly afterwards, and in the chaos
following the outbreak of World War II the experiment is forgotten.
Daniel remains asleep in his chamber, abandoned in a military warehouse
for the next fifty-three years.

Finally, Daniel is awoken from his long sleep by two young boys who
stumble on the chamber while playing inside the warehouse. Upon waking,
he is horrified to discover that it is not, as he had thought, 1940,
but 1992. Harry, and nearly everyone else he once knew, are long dead.
The Army have never heard of him, and when he tries to convince them of
the truth of his experiences, they dismiss him as a lunatic. Eventually
he befriends Nat, one of the two boys who opened the chamber, and his
divorced mother Claire.

There are, of course, a number of plot holes in the film. It seems
highly unlikely that only Finley would have known about so major a
scientific experiment and that after his death everyone else would
simply have forgotten about it. It seems equally unlikely that after
being forgotten and abandoned the chamber would have continued to
function so perfectly that Daniel could have survived inside for over
fifty years. Yet these plot holes do not really matter precisely
because the film is not intended to be scientifically plausible. Any
film which attributes to the scientists of the 1930s the ability to
perform technological feats which would still be beyond our
capabilities today is obviously not aiming at realism.

The film could have been made as a satire revolving around the
differences between the world of the thirties and that of the nineties,
with lots of comic misunderstandings based upon the cultural
differences between the two eras. It could also have been made as a
serious piece of science-fiction, but in fact it is more a fantasy.
(There are some similarities with "Somewhere in Time", although in that
film the hero travels back in time, not forward). There are certain
parallels drawn between the world of the thirties and that of the
nineties, generally to the detriment of the latter. Claire is attracted
to Daniel because his old-fashioned values make him seem much more
gentlemanly and chivalrous than the men of her own era. Mel Gibson is
good at bringing out this side of Daniel's character.

Just when the film seems to be developing into a romantic comedy which
will end with Daniel and Claire falling for one another, and then
changes direction with the sudden revelation that Helen did not die in
1939 but is still alive. This sudden shift of emphasis struck me as
being the film's greatest weakness; the romantic ending is well done,
but is seemed like something added on from a different film. I would
not rate "Forever Young" as highly as "Somewhere in Time"; it lacks
that film's visual beauty and, except at the very end, its dreamlike
romantic atmosphere. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis is not as engaging a
heroine as Jane Seymour. Gibson, however, makes a charismatic hero, and
overall the film is a watchable romantic fantasy. 6/10

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