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  • Freakshow
    • Freakshow
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:03
    • Director: Drew Bell
    • Genres: Horror
    • Studio:


Well once again a DVD box at the rental store drew me into a wasted
night.Who could resist a movie that claims to have been banned in 37
countries?So ,even though by now I should know better,I rent this thing
and take it home.

So we have a traveling circus and one of the attractions is the freaks
or strange people as I think the sign on the tent said.Also traveling
with the circus is the support group of guards and mechanics etc.Anyway
a few of these support guys and a girl decide to rob the circus during
it's travels.The group decides that the girl should cozy up to the
owner and trick him into marrying her where the group of plotters will
have access to his fortune.Apparently the owner of this fleabag circus
has big money somewhere although looking at him you'd never figure. The
owner is a repulsive mess,bad teeth,greasy hair and big yellow boils
all over his body.

The boil covered owner of the circus feels more at home with the freaks
of the show than he does with normal people.He considers them his
family.His family protects him as one of their own when they feel he is
in trouble.Therein lies the main plot I guess you'd say.

This movie really sucked bad.It was just too much for me to believe
that the beautiful young women would have sex with the oozing nasty
owner for all the money in the world.She was so hot she could have
found a much cleaner and less repulsive sugar daddy.The sets were lousy
shots of tents and the Ferris wheel was shown over and over.There never
seemed to be any people at the circus and all the workers just sat
around slurping beer from bottles that somehow came with no labels on
them.And the sound track was the most irritating soundtrack of any
movie I've ever seen….one after another of bad fakey attempts to
recreate old scratchy songs like they sounded on records made in the
20's and 30's.On and on these miserable songs went until I was nearly

And the acting was bad.Terribly bad.And I'm not even sure this movie
had a script as many of the actors seemed to fumble for their words.Or
maybe the budget was so tight that re shots weren't allowed?The freaks
themselves weren't really all that freaky except for the one that
looked like a miniature version of the Toxic Avenger.Special effects
were minimal,little bit of gore near the end but for the most part this
movie was just people doing mostly talking.A couple of women showed
their breasts but they were small and uninspiring.I think I gave it a 3
mostly because of the breasts because really this movie was probably a
1 or 2 at best.

It's very apparent that this movie was nothing more than a sad weak
blatant rip-off of Tod Browning's "Freaks".This mess is totally
forgettable and I probably wouldn't have even finished watching it had
it not been a cold rainy day with nothing else going on for me to do.

The only way this crapola was banned in 37 countries was for being so
bad.Skip this crud fest and watch Browning's original.


Anyone going into this movie expecting a 21st century gore-fest is
going to be disappointed, but that is because they don't understand
what this movie IS: it is an update to the controversial Freaks,
staying true to the original while taking advantage of modern
cinematography and special effects and recognizing its modern audience.
As a faithful update, Freakshow hits all the marks, while being
explicit about some of the elements of the movie that had to be left to
the imagination in the 1930's–most notably, nudity and gore.

This is a horror movie because it is horrifying in its implications and
resolution, not because it features the usual bunch of attractive young
people being stalked and slaughtered by some 'horror'. The horror here
is psychological, and shows the extremes that an 'extended family' will
go to in order to avenge and protect itself. The most horrific aspect
of this movie was the fate of Little Kimmie, who wasn't intelligent
enough to quit laughing in the face of death. Kimmie was the most
innocent of all, and certainly did not deserve her fate any more than
she understood her situation.

As for the villains: yes, they met terrible fates, but only one of them
was particularly gory. The camera did not focus on the gore so much as
it did on the swift and purposeful justice that was being meted out.
Gore-hounds will feel cheated, of course, but the gore was not the
point of the movie.

The fate of Lucy was virtually identical to the fate of the scheming
woman in the original. The difference was simply that we had to imagine
the process in Freaks, while we could see it in Freakshow. Even so, it
could have been much more graphic and exploitative, but that, again,
was not the point. The point was that these people had genuinely
accepted Lucy as one of them, and her punishment for deluding and
rejecting them was appropriate. And as Sherri said, she had to earn her
keep …

Freakshow is a period piece, and the cinematography and soundtrack
successfully expressed the setting. The acting, like the story and the
gore, were intentionally understated (and better than the original, in
my opinion). The drama was human drama, not freak drama, because the
characters were human beings.

If you haven't seen Freaks, and especially if you haven't seen it
because it is 'in black-and-white', then you can't really appreciate
this movie for what it is. Put into the proper perspective as an update
to Freaks, it is hard for me to imagine how it could have been better

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