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  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    • Runtime:91 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:10:06
    • Director: Joseph Zito
    • Genres: Horror
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


"The Final Chapter" is widely regarded by "Friday" fans as one of the
best sequels in the series, and the best of the original four films.
Call me an oddball, but I'm just not feeling it. Like all "Friday"
movies, this one is still largely entertaining for sure, but there's
something different this time around. It's not just the addition of a
kid into the usual mix of horny teenagers, or the fact that we see a
family in peril for once–it's the atmosphere and tone of the film that
feels off.

The plot picks up directly where part III left off: Jason is "dead" and
taken to the morgue, where we encounter some of the most irresponsible
and vile hospital workers I've seen in a horror film. After dry humping
near Jason's dead body (was the setting a turn-on?), our masked hero
wakes up and the carnage begins anew. This time around, the setting for
Jason's massacre is two adjacent houses in the middle of the country:
one occupied by the Jarvis family (with young Corey Feldman playing
Tommy Jarvis, a character who would go on to be in the next two
sequels), and the other by a vacationing group of young, slutty
teenagers. You can guess what happens when Jason makes his way from the
morgue to find more kids partying on his lake.

While the acting is probably the best of the series and Tom Savini
returns to do the gory make-up effects once again after being absent
since the original, something just doesn't quite feel right here. Maybe
it's the fact that this is the first film in the series to feel so
obviously '80s, or the fact that none of the teenagers are likable in
this one. Among the usual group of stereotypes, we get two twins, one
of whom wastes no time in trying to sleep with every male member of the
cast (even while their girlfriends stand by watching), and a young
Crispin Glover, who has a bit of a problem in the bedroom department.
The guys exist to constantly compete with the women or pick on one
another. As for the Jarvis family, young Corey Feldman is certainly
likable as Tommy, and Kimberly Beck is a nice addition to the cast.
There is also a sub-plot involving a character named Rob, whose sister
was one of Jason's victims in the previous films. Now he's out to
avenge her death.

The film suffers from some odd and confusing editing in the third act.
Jason seems to be all over the place with no rhyme or reason to his
actions. One second he's outside, then he's up on the roof, then he's
out by Rob's tent in the woods, then he's in the living room, then he's
outside again…I'm not sure if this was how the script was written,
but it sure was pretty confusing trying to figure out why Jason
couldn't just make things easier on himself. At one point, after Jason
dispatches of one of the kids in the kitchen, instead of going straight
into the living room to pick off his next victim, he goes back outside
and goes onto the roof to get someone in an upstairs bedroom. Far be it
from me to question Jason's methods, but this seems rather impractical.

The chase sequence at the end is certainly not a let-down, with Jason
managing to be truly scary at some points. To those who claim Jason
never ran, you obviously haven't seen this film.

As for the most advertised part of the film–Jason's demise–it is
good, if not somewhat anticlimactic. But of course, we all know it
wasn't the end anyway.

While I consider this the weakest entry out of the original four films,
it is still certainly worth a watch. If you loved the previous films,
you'll like this one. I just didn't have as much fun this time around.


Considered by many as the best in the series, the gore is ramped up and
suspense is present throughout.

It's funny, too, as Trish (Kimberly Beck) continually tries to keep her
brother Tommy (Corey Feldman) from checking out naked girls.

It did drag,however in the middle. There really isn't enough story in
these films to sustain them when they are not running and screaming.

It got better at the end as Jason ramped up the body count. Tommy was
the hero, but the cost may be very high.

It was good, but I imagine the uncut version is miles better. I'll have
to find a copy.


This is actually another one of my favorite films of the franchise. The
main reason being that the kills in this film are arguably the best so
far and quite possibly the best of the franchise. Jason must have a
thing against Crispin Glover though or maybe he just saw him having a
spasm and seizure fit in the living room earlier on in the film.
Nevertheless, I've never seen any one victim in the franchise get as
much punishment as he did. First, a corkscrew in the hand and followed
by a meat cleaver to the face. As if that wasn't enough, Jason nails up
his corpse over one of the doorways by his hands and feet to block
anyone from escaping. Then later on, rips him down the hard way.
Another interesting kill is the shower scene. What makes it a bit more
unique is that it's a guy who bites it this time around. Face-palmed to
death by Jason's massive hand. Jason's "death" is also quite grotesque
and spectacular. Tommy Jarvis swings a machete into the side of Jason's
head and Jason falls to the ground landing face first onto the handle
of the machete causing it to slide through his skull. The weirdest part
of the film has to be when the dog jumps through the glass window. I
mean…what the heck?


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd rank this one up there with Friday the 13th Part 2 as the best of
the series. The only flaw, just as with most of these films, is that
the MPAA slashed the murder scenes; it's even more painfully obvious
here than in number 2! This is still made up for by great direction
from Joseph Zito (clearly the best director in the series besides Steve
Miner, who himself took a step down in quality with number 3), some
fantastic (though only briefly glimpsed) make-up effects by Tom Savini
(my favorite one being at the end – you'll know it when your jaw
drops), and some oddball humor courtesy of Crispin Glover and…that
other guy, who I at least remember was called Ted in the movie.

If you didn't already know it from The Prowler, Joseph Zito knows how
to craft a creepy movie, and knows how to use darkness effectively. In
fact, the cinematography here is probably the best the series has seen,
so kudos to João Fernandes. Incidentally, a quick IMDb search reveals
that Fernandes got his start in porn, lensing such films as Deep

Initially I was underwhelmed by this one simply because I felt it was
just a rehash of the same Friday clichés, but listening to the
commentary by Adam Green and Joe Lynch on the new DVD gave me a new
appreciation of the film, and, as with most great films, it took some
retrospective thinking to realize how good the film really was. But as
I always say, if you dislike a film at first but find yourself getting
the urge to watch it again, it probably was much better than you think.

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