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  • Fritt vilt II
    • Fritt vilt II
    • Runtime:86 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:11:28
    • Director: Mats Stenberg
    • Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Logically unfolding sequel to the supremely atmospheric and haunting
Norwegian horror hit "Cold Prey", released two years prior. Sole
survivor Jannicke gets picked up by the side of a snowy road and taken
to a nearby hospital that is as good as empty due to being closed very
soon. She's in shock and nobody believes her grotesque story about the
pick-axe wielding maniac that butchered her friends. They're forced to
sing a different tune when the five cadavers are recovered from the
ravine and brought back to the hospital morgue. The police also
discovers a few dozen of other frozen corpses, including that of the
killer. He really must be Jason Voorhees' distant Scandinavian
relative, as he miraculously resurrects from his body bag. The medics
successfully attempt to bring him back, naturally much against the will
of a hysterical Jannicke, and she's obviously right to protest as he
promptly continues his relentless killing spree. Meanwhile, the local
police commissioner digs up the 30-year-old missing person file and
discovers a handful of interesting personality details about our
deranged killer. "Cold Prey II" is a more than worthwhile successor of
the original, this time with a sinister abandoned hospital setting
instead of an abandoned skiing resort setting. Also like in the
original, the characters are identifiable and amiable individuals and
you certainly don't wish for them to die in such barbaric and
excruciatingly painful ways. Like the cute blond nurse who's being
smashed to death with a fire extinguisher, for example. Ouch! The
sequel is actually even slightly more suspenseful than the first film,
because there's a more intense aura of mystery hanging around the
killer's persona. The first half hour is particularly scary, prior to
his resurrection, because you can't really guess which direction the
writers have chosen for this film. There are nicely eerie decors and
set pieces, great use of ominous music and always the exact right dose
of lighting. Let it be clear that these Norwegians definitely know how
to generate the right mood for an atmospheric and nightmarishly intense
horror film. "Cold Prey II" also benefices from terrific acting
performances, including the one from the little kid. The last half hour
follows a very exciting cat-and-mouse game between the killer, hiding
somewhere in the hospital, the two female survivors and a bunch of
policemen. These sequences are authentically scary. When is the last
time a slasher actually scared you? The finale is brilliant and
Jannicke unfolds herself as one of the most prolific and heroic female
horror protagonists of the last decade. There's another entry on the
way, apparently a prequel set in the 1980's. I, for one, cannot wait!


I watched this movie back to back with its first one.

I found this one was a better thriller than the first.

But this screenplay also follows the famous movies like "visiting
hours" It was a solid start from part 1. Not like other movies here you
meet the killer with a new team, this starts from what it ended in the
first part.

The lead heroine was very convincing in her role since she comes out
well in this part.

I should say the accompanying doctor girl had a charming cute comedy
stuff face but she tried well.

On the whole it was convincingly presented except some loop holes like
they fail to mention about the corpses they found later on in the

I would rate it 7 on 10. cos this movie has got some thrills …

Waiting to see what would they do in the third part………


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The sequel to the brilliance that was Cold Prey does it again with this
excellent follow up.

The Plot = This picks up exactly where the last one left off, where
Jannicke is picked up from the side of the road dazed confused and full
of blood, is taken to the local hospital which in fact is closing down,
where only a few members of staff are working there and a handful of
patients, but when the police find the bodies of her friends and killer
and are brought back to the hospital, the killer comes back alive and
starts pick-axing his way through the hospital.

Wow very rarely we get a sequel that matches the original but this one
actually does and again hits all the right notes, where in the first
one was mostly character development in this one we get a bigger body
count and more action, which again I always love. The killer yet again
was genuinely creepy, big, brutal and is even more nastier, like the
scene with the nurse and the fire extinguisher (really brutal).

Again like the first one, we get a build up of the main characters and
then kicks into gear gives nearly an hour's worth of sweet action, as
the survivors attempt to avoid the mountain man and exit the hospital
in time for more police to arrive. The death's are pretty bloody, but
sadly there's not a lot of on-screen gore. Although there are a couple
somewhat creepy scenes, a lot of the great mood and atmosphere that the
first had is lost in this one. That's essentially the price you have to
pay when you want a feature with lots of action elements, which in my
opinion make for a more entertaining watch (depending on the story).

A factor I liked about this movie was that we get more of a back story
on the killer this time, which really kept me interested and I even
wanted to find out more and more, and the cast were again decent, I
liked the fact that they were normal looking people and not fashion
models The killer also makes for an interesting hunter, laying down a
couple traps for our victims to find themselves caught in, proving that
he's also fairly intelligent. The final scene was just pure brilliance
and doesn't suck like a lot of movies I've seen.

The cast, well Ingrid Bolso Berdal (Jannicke) does it again, I was glad
that she survived the first time round and this time she's just as
great becoming more of a action babe this time round without going over
the top which I liked and Marthe Snorresdotter Rovick (Camilla) was an
interesting addition to the cast as the Doctor, she made a very
sympathetic character and not just another crying and sobbing
supporting player she really comes into her own especially towards the

All in all while the first one delivered mood and atmosphere, this one
delivers old school action slasher with an intimidating and potentially
iconic killer and another must see. I can't wait for part 3.

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