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  • Frost/Nixon
    • Frost/Nixon
    • Runtime:122 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:14:15
    • Director: Ron Howard
    • Genres: Drama, History
    • Studio:


This is, without a doubt, the best made film of the year. I will see
this at least one more time before DVD. I know, with that comment, some
people are going to say "No, it was The Dark Knight!" So take into
account that I said that it was the best MADE film of the year. TDK's
one flaw was Maggie Gylenhaal. But, hey! This isn't a Dark Knight
review! This is Frost/Nixon.

Let's get going.

The Good: Flawless performances by everyone from the extras to the
actors that are only in this movie for like two minutes. Despite the
fact that it is all about an interview, it never gets boring because of
how tense it becomes. I've heard people compare this interview to a
boxing match. Hell yeah! This is so close to being a boxing match, that
I half expected them to parody the ending scene of Rocky using Frost
and Nixon. You like all of the characters for one reason or another- I
actually felt sorry for Nixon at times. Like in a scene where he's
giving a speech and you can see that the people aren't interested in
what he's saying. Then comes this dialog between Nixon and Kevin
Baken's character:

"I can't stand it, Jack! Reducing the presidency to a series of banal
anecdotes! I feel like a circus animal doing tricks! AND I THOUGHT I
IT! As soon as it came to question time, all those sons of bitches ever
want to hear about is Watergate. It's as if all my other achievements
cease to exist."

Some of dialog from the supporting characters is even funny at times,
mostly coming from Oliver Platt and Sam Rockwell. I felt Frost's
frustration with trying to get money and sponsors as the sweat poured
down his face. I was as frustrated as he was when nobody believed he
would go anywhere. Jesus! In addition, the pacing is perfect. Being 2
hours long, and being about an interview, I expected this to drag like
the When a Stranger Calls remake. I need to, last of all, give a lot of
credit to Frank Langella. He may not look exactly like Nixon, but he's
a damn good actor and I actually saw Nixon's face on his the entire
time. Give him best actor.

Bad: Umm… jeez. Nothing.


Now, apart from the wobbly camera shouting, "Documentary! Realistic!"
in a couple of scenes, this is a perfectly executed film, with the
director sharply focused on the art of story-telling in a motion
picture. Mr. Howard has found incredible focus, and uses his strength
as an "actor's director" to full advantage – the performances of
co-stars Frank Langella (Nixon) and Michael Sheen (Frost) are a tribute
to themselves and the Howard's keen orchestration. And, there is a
great ensemble around the leads, with Sam Rockwell and Kevin Bacon
preaching to the "liberal" and "conservative" choirs.

Probably, the most extraordinary thing about "Frost/Nixon" can be
witnessed in Mr. Langella's characterization.

Langella doesn't waste time trying to impersonate Nixon; instead, he
finds a character very much like him, who happens to fit both the story
being told and our impression of what Nixon could have been like, in
this context. It's not Nixon, but an amazing facsimile. Less well
known, but closer to the mark is Mr. Sheen's portrayal of a talk show
host who could never mask the phoniness with which he proclaimed each
guest's latest project as a "Smashing!" success. Frost would have
preferred to compliment the "simply marvelous" furniture on the deck of
the Titanic, which is why Nixon picked him.

A full pardon to conspiring writer Peter Morgan. "The play's the thing,
wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."

"Frost/Nixon" comes along when director Howard wielded a lot of power
over the small pool of potential great film projects available, and a
fine-looking production was assured – nevertheless, you expected the
finished product to also maintain a sleek, almost regrettable safeness.
And, this film, like it or not, elevates both of its character subjects
- Richard M. Nixon and David Frost – along with their mutually
beneficial "mini-series" of interviews to an undeserved legendary
status. That it fails factually and may unfortunately blur historical
perceptions is beside the point – it's still an excellent film.

********* Frost/Nixon (10/15/08) Ron Howard ~ Frank Langella, Michael
Sheen, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon

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