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  • Garden Party
    • Garden Party
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:41:17
    • Director: Jason Freeland
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:


Garden Party tells us the story of several individuals, all of them
living in L.A.We have a homeless boy musically gifted,a 15 year old
girl raised by questionable parents,a young gay men only now figuring
out who he is and what he wants in life and a sexy and successful real
estate agent with a not so bright past who has a soft spot for losers.
This are the main characters. Also part of the story are a rich pervert
and a sleazy photographer. What do most of this characters have in
common? A dream or a certain ambition but also lack of money…due to
this fact they find themselves hanging out with the wrong crowd or
doing things they never thought they would.Eventually their paths
cross.I really enjoyed this film, maybe it was my fascination for L.A.
or my appetite for Indies… I'm not sure but I thought it was great.
Very original script and the acting was great,despite most of the cast
being somewhat unknown.Willa Holland who's probably the best known
actress in this cast gave a subtle performance but she is one to watch.
The soundtrack was also very interesting. I loved the film, it felt
incredible refreshing and I would definitely recommend this movie
regardless of the low rating it has on this website.



I saw this movie basically because I think that Willa Holland is an
incredibly lovely young model/actress. I won't give away too much of
the plot except to say this is a rip off of P.T. Anderson, Brett Easton
Ellis, Mulholland Dr and throw in The OC just because the filmmakers
have little imagination an originality of their own. I mean there's not
much to give away there aren't any big plot twists. It just occurred to
me that if Mystery Science Theater 3000 were still around this would be
the perfect movie for them to goof on. This film is about a group of
people living in Los Angeles, some of them prostitute themselves,
others sell real estate an marijuana, some are musicians and some do
nothing. I mean this movie is hilariously bad at times, one of the
characters is suppose to be an amazing badass rocker and he makes the
Jonas brothers look cool. So like I said in my summary kind of a
typical bad straight to video movie, weak acting, direction,
cinematography etc. What really gave this movie character is the bad
script, it's just so laughable it almost and I repeat almost makes this
entertaining in a bad way. It's funny to think that the lead actress
worked with Stanley Kubrick and Vinessa Shaw is a good actress, when
given the right material. Willa Holland is cute but I can see her doing
many more movies like this. Probably the best thing about this
confusing movie was the genuinely funny agent, sure the guy is just
ripping off Dane Cook and Jeremy Piven but it's not like those two are
Deniro or Jim Carrey for that matter. See this movie if you're with
some friends and you want to make your own Mystery Science Theater


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Firstly, If you enjoy generic, safe, and predictable movies, like the
ones 'Hollywood' often churn out, then you might not enjoy, or
appreciate, this gutsy offering….

As we all know, independent movies are rather 'hit and miss', usually
because they push the boundaries, regarding the industry standard
rules, when it comes to the directing, production and writing.

When an independent movie gets it right, it can be overly refreshing
and satisfying.

The first risk that 'Garden Party' takes, is that it refuses to give
the viewers a recognisable lead character to follow. Instead, the first
segment of the movie sets up the premise for several diverse
characters, separately, each with their own story and subplot. This is
dangerous, for any movie, as trying to follow multiple amounts of plots
at once can easily become annoying, and result in an overload, causing
the viewer to switch off in frustration. Luckily, in this particular
case, it works, and the stories, and characters, quickly begin to
intertwine and link with each other.

We are introduced to a homeless, pretty boy, up and coming pop/rock
singer, who remains placid and confused, as his ultra rise to stardom
begins out of nowhere, and he starts to attract attention from
promoters, beautiful women, and artists. We then have a young,
attractive girl, from a questionable upbringing, who is encouraged by
some friends, to get into the soft core porn industry. A young man, who
has forgotten who he is, due to being on 24 hour duty to his control
freak boss, in real estate, and drug pushing. A ruthless, sexy, and
manipulative business women, who does anything to get what she wants,
with a soft spot for losers, who she can mould and control. Other
characters include an obsessive rich pervert, a seedy photographer, and
a pot head who with no ambition.

The movie runs along, at a fairly fast pace, and you suddenly begin to
care about each character and their individual story. Whether it be in
a good, or bad way, you are waiting for closure on each characters
subplot, which eventually kind of combines into one big plot.

Sex, and taboos, play a big part in the movie, but somehow, and
strangely, the movie manages to be quite tasteful, and although sex,
drugs, booze and porn are frequently mentioned, it manages to be non
offensive, with no real smut element. Its realistic.

With a mixture of comedy, drama, and passion, this one should keep you
entertained throughout.

I like this movie because it has the guts to be a bit different.
Exploring scenarios that most movies wouldn't touch, and generally
going with the flow. This adds excitement, and an unpredictable element
for the viewer.

Great acting, interesting soundtrack, good writing, and good directing.

I would recommend this film to anybody with an open mind – 8/10

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