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  • Garfield’s Fun Fest
    • Garfield’s Fun Fest
    • Runtime:79 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:08:17
    • Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé
    • Genres: Animation
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Garfield’s Fun Fest


A lot of people hate this CG series but personally i love it, the
second is the best no doubt about it, but many people hate it for their
own reason but i love it so i feel i should put out my reasons for it.

I'll say the first one was pretty weak because it was the first in the
series, the pacing was slow, and the characters were floaty like a
children's cgi morning show, but it had a lot of redeeming features.
Garfield and co were practically meta-fictional, characters self aware
of their place as meta-fictional characters and using a pretty creative
way to emphasize this, they went to work in the morning and took
pictures of themselves and decolourised it and added captions to make
it a more authentic newspaper strip. Garfield and co worked with other
newspaper characters, obscure yet recognizable public domain characters
almost inter-textually and finally Garfield felt old and tired because
he felt he was doing the same old jokes over and over again. Basically
acknowledging criticism a lot of people have about the strips from time
to time, and eventually he goes into the real world with Odie ala
Wizard of OZ and with the help of three friends comes back to the real
world, cleaver but not a perfect art but i didn't expect it for a first
attempt straight to DVD movie.

This one Fun Fest was surprisingly good, using the laid out plot
structure of the first movie, a heavy handed morale Garfield has to
learn by the end of the film, Garfield cares more about being funny and
neglects his gf, he feels like he's lost his comedic powers and goes on
a road trip with Odie to a legendary place up in the clouds where he
gets this magic water from an old master to get powerful comedic
powers, does this remind u anyone, why yes its Goku from Dragonball!!!!
But it even goes as far to explain the psychology of successful and
failing comedians, finally the story ends with the best engaging well
stage pov shot all finale with one of the best tango scenes i have ever
seen, let alone straight to DVD. It was gud it was really gud, really
good. I think more people should watch this, just the end scene.

The third one Pet Force came out and it was OK, It started off pretty
well, funny surprisingly, pacing was faster like the second and a lot
of gags running through, but halfway through the movie it fell kinda
flat, they ran out of ideas I think, it needed a subplot and didn't
focus the morale as hard (this time not engaging with life) to
strengthen the narrative engagement, they were just fighting and blah
blah more gags (tho funny) it needed a subplot or something, otherwise
it should have been a 30-40 min episode, but u can see the directorial
styles improving per episode.

Either way u look at it I say second one is the best, so for fans with
affinities for cats that have a tendency to self narrate, watch it.

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