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  • Goal!
    • Goal!
    • Runtime:118 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:12
    • Director: Danny Cannon
    • Genres: Drama, Sport
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

well, actually I'm not keen on any football stuff…, I do never see a
single match of anything related with "ball" I hate sports… but then
one night I saw this movie through my TV and I wowed by the story of it
!!! the main character (Santiago) was totally built in this movie, kuno
Becker has the role !!! I learned so many things from this movie. such
as how you have to face the reality that sometimes will be so much far
away than any bad dream you ever got, it feels so real showed by the
scene of Santiago when he expelled from the reserve player team. and
how he has to lost his money that he saved because of his father wanted
to buy a truck and it made santiago cant go England. but then we cant
just make our dream gone, blown by the wind…if we dare to dreaming
about something big, so we have to do and make a big sacrifice too.
also..sometimes do not listen to anyone make you down, even it was your
own parents! that's what I got from this movie. well, and yeah..,we
have to keep our team work as any kind of sports, we work as a team,
the important one is the name printed in front of your shirt, not
behind! the plot was really beautifully well done, you'll see an
unforgettable story and a touching one. so worth for people who like
football or people who afraid to make a big deal with their life, first
so many footballer and so many scene make you wanna cry and promised to
yourself that one day I have to make my dream comes true!! you would
not soon forget this movie, its kinda memorable and thinkable movie
guys… I really recommend this movie for ya!!! (now I'm looking for
the other movie starred Kuno)


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Santiago is a young man from Mxico who tries hard to make a life for
him and his family in the USA, but the prospects of playing football
(soccer) prove to be too strong, as he leaves home to pursue his dreams
in England…for New Castle, of all teams.

When I first heard about this, I was put off by the story line…a
little far-fetched was my first reaction…Surely they could have based
it on a kid from the hard end of New Castle who makes it in the big

But I gave this a chance and I was pleasantly surprised…Football is
something that I'm into…It's one of the greatest sports there is..and
here the footy is directed beautifully, every kick makes you believe
that it will end up in the net…The actors were all satisfactory and I
loved Glenn who doesn't give up on a young man's dream….Overall a
good football movie…

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