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  • Gremlins
    • Gremlins
    • Runtime:106 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:26:15
    • Director: Joe Dante
    • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
    • Studio:


I love this movie so much, i love seeing Gizmo, he dose cheer me up
when I am in the blues.

This movie is about Billy who get this creature from his dad from a
antic store for Xmas present.

Bily names the cute little Creature Gizmo, there 3 rules he need

1) He can't be in lights or sun light that would kill him. 2) Never get
him wet. 3)Never feed him after Midnight.

Then a friend of him comes over to seem him and then start playing with
him and knocking of a glass with a bit of water in it that falls on
Gizmo start shaking really badly and fur balls start jumping out of
Gizmo back, which turn into more creatures and look a lot more Goofy
then first Gizmo.

Then billy falls a sleep for bit looking at clock (His unaware that
creatures have chewing the wire on clock) and then he feed them after

Turn in green big eggs, when they hatch that when the fun really start
for the creatures and take over the town.

This is great fun enjoyable movie for whole family to watch, the most
of it is comedy that is bit of Drama in this movie with Billy
Girlfriend who dose not like Xmas because something bad happened to
family when she little girl on Xmas day, which is little sad.

Yes it's A horror/comedy, I do think it's suitable for kids, my kids
love this movie they both seen this movie 10 times by now. I seen it,
well, I see it so many times I have lot count.

Acting from the whole cast is great and creature effects were really

I going to give this a whooping 10 out of bloody 10 One reason I giving
this movie 10 out of 10 is that Gizmo, why can't he be real!


This movie made a big impact on me as a younger man for I really had
not seen anything like it beforehand. Hoyt Axton plays a father who is
an inventor cruising through Chinatown in search of just that special
gift for his son. He is taken to a small, out-of-the-way "junk" shop
where Axton sees this adorable creature who sings, smiles, and is just
damned cute. The proprietor, an elderly Chinese man, tells Axton that
this creature is not for sale, but the young boy who brought him there
sells Axton the creature unbeknownst to Grandpa. Axton is given three
rules that must be observed with the creature: 1). No bright light 2).
no water 3). never feed the creature after midnight(okay, this rule is
loopy). This takes place in the first five minutes or so of the film.
The rest of the film is the son getting what he will call Gizmo and
what happens when these rules are inevitably broken. The scenic
backdrops to the small town are quaint, surrealistic, and nostalgic.
Director Joe Dante always infuses his pictures with nostalgic qualities
whether it is a scene we may have seen over and over again, character
types, and my favorite are the actors of older films that older(or more
rehearsed audience members) will quickly identify which will
undoubtedly be lost on younger viewers and certainly viewers of today
by large part. We get Key Luke as the Chinese shop owner. He was most
famous for his roles as Number 1 Son in the old Charlie Chan films. How
about Dick Miller as Mr. Futterman – a staple in Roger Corman films.
Miller's costar in Little Shop of Horrors Jackie Joseph plays his wife
in this. Edward Andrews – the old, reliable character actor – plays a
bank manager. William Schallert plays a minister. You can also see
Polly Holliday(Flo from Alice) play a devilishly wicked Mr.
Potter-type. Kenneth Tobey has a cameo as does Chuck Jones and several
others. The lead actors are young but entertaining. Zach Galligan was
19 when he made this – his first feature. He does a decent job. Phoebe
Cates is also rather good and very lovely. The real star though is the
puppet Gizmo and the gremlins themselves. Dante did all this in an
old-school manner. No CGI here – thankfully. This is real filmmaking
the way real filmmaking used be done. It was labor and time intensive
and rather costly but Dante does a lot here with a spartan budget.
Produced by Steven Spielberg Gremlins shows what some
intelligent-minded people can put together with creativity and vision.
There are so many scenes that stick out with me: the movie theater, the
battle with the Christmas tree, the microwave scene, and many others
including Mrs. Deagle's spiraling exit. All are outstanding. In the
end, however; it is the little moments that I like best like the small
character parts, Dick Miller going on about foreign products, and Gizmo
playing a small piano-like instrument. Gremlins is now 20 years old – I
saw it in the movie theater when it came out – and it has withstood the
test of time rather well. I believe in another 20 years it will still
be able to say the same thing. By the way who doesn't love that music?


I would consider this my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Now,
granted, those familiar with its reputation will know that it is *not*
for all tastes, but those who can appreciate its dark, twisted nature
and impressive blend of horror and comedy are sure to get a real kick
out of it. Traveling inventor Rand Peltzer (singer / songwriter Hoyt
Axton) picks up an unusual Christmas present for son Billy (Zach
Galligan) in Chinatown: a weird yet adorable animal called a Mogwai -
whom Rand christens Gizmo – who comes with a trio of strange rules that
absolutely must be followed. He's not supposed to get wet, and when he
does, he spawns a handful of new Mogwai, and sunlight is supposed to
kill him. He's also not to supposed to eat after midnight, yet the new
Mogwai do and subsequently turn into diminutive creatures that tear the
small town of Kingston Falls to pieces. A big part of the appeal lies
in the title creatures themselves. They have the personalities / energy
of children, albeit children whose playfulness has a truly sadistic
nature. And when they lay siege to a tavern, they're just as
destructive as any human drunks. As scary as the Gremlins are, there's
something oddly endearing about them. After all, they love "Snow White
and the Seven Dwarfs" so very much. The special effects are very good,
with first rate puppeteering work. The vocal performances for the
Gremlins are uproarious, with ultra-ubiquitous Frank Welker providing
the voice of lead Gremlin Stripe (and Howie Mandel provides the voice
of Gizmo). Jerry Goldsmith's insanely catchy / creepy theme is the
perfect accompaniment. The Universal backlot makes for a great setting
for the town. The cast is perfect, with Galligan and the very sexy
Phoebe Cates an appealing main couple. Axton and Frances Lee McCain are
wonderful as Mr. and Mrs. Peltzer; she in particular has a standout
sequence where she reclaims her kitchen and dispatches three of the
monsters on her own, using household implements (although the business
with the microwave unfortunately bothered some people). A great
supporting cast includes Polly Holliday as Mrs. Deagle, a stand in for
Mr. Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life", Judge Reinhold, Edward
Andrews, Scott Brady, the wonderful legendary cult star Dick Miller,
Jackie Joseph, Glynn Turman, Keye Luke, Corey Feldman, Jonathan Banks,
Harry Carey, Jr. and The Real Don Steele. William Schallert and Kenneth
Tobey make uncredited bit appearances, with Goldsmith and Steven
Spielberg showing up very briefly. Some of my favorite moments include
the hatching of the pods (with "Gremlins" paying appealing homage to
"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"), the sequence with Mrs. Peltzer, the
fate of Mrs. Deagle, the commotion in the bar, and Billy's hunt for
Stripe in the Y and the department store for the finish. Now, in its
original draft, the film was darker still (with horrific fates intended
for Mrs. Peltzer and Barney the dog), but it still puts a commendably
nasty spin on typical Christmas fare. It's great fun throughout, and a
solid effort for director Joe Dante, producer Michael Finnell, and
executive producer Spielberg and his Amblin Entertainment company. The
film itself spawned imitators such as the "Critters" and "Ghoulies"
series as well as "Hobgoblins", but leads the pack by far.


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