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  • Gutterballs
    • Gutterballs
    • Runtime:94 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:20
    • Director: Ryan Nicholson
    • Genres: Horror
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Gutterballs


I have to admit that after seeing the godawful Hanger, I was not sure
if I was going to like this movie at all. Other horror fans had told me
that Gutterballs was much better but that could easily have been
damning the film with faint praise. Luckily, Gutterballs IS much better
than Hanger. But it's far from great.

The evening after a particularly nasty and brutal gang rape, a local
bowling alley is the scene of a number of revenge killings committed by
someone who seems particularly handy with the trappings of the ten-pin
world. As is so often the case in these movies, the survivors continue
to remain implausibly oblivious to their potential appointment with
death long after normal people would have figured out that something
was amiss.

Where writer-director Ryan Nicholson succeeds here is in his unabashed,
unflinching depiction of some downright nasty nastiness. The effects on
display here are often eye-wateringly impressive and many moments will
make you wince. There's also some good humour here and there, some of
which is obvious (I, personally, enjoyed the banter coming from the
Wax-o-matic machine) and some of which I just hope was intentional so
am giving the benefit of the doubt to (e.g. most of the script in the
latter half of the movie).

Sadly, the negatives really drag things down. The acting on display
here is pretty atrocious and it seems that the women were just chosen
for their willingness to show their breasts (not that I'm complaining
TOO strenuously about that, mind) and the guys were picked thanks to
their ability to swear, act like the worst kind of misogynists and
endure whatever makeup work was required.

The script is truly awful for a large portion of the film, none of the
characters are worth caring about and it's only when the killing starts
that the movie starts to feel like a movie. Okay, I suppose you could
say the same about many low-grade slasher flicks so it's not the end of
the world.

There are also the occasional, lazy mistake such as a girl grabbing a
guy round the throat with her right hand while grabbing his crotch . .
. . . . . . with her right hand. Unless there was some
body-transforming, Cronenberg-esquire stuff going on here that I wasn't
aware of then that's just impossible.

But with a nice line in sleazy, grimy, nastiness this movie should
please those who think most horrors have nowadays become too tame
compared to "how they used to make 'em".

See this if you like: Torched, Pieces, The Greenskeeper.

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