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  • Hachiko: A Dog’s Story
    • Hachiko: A Dog’s Story
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:50:54
    • Director: Lasse Hallström
    • Genres: Drama, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Hachiko: A Dog’s Story


I wonder how could I ever miss this movie for last one year.. Its just
such an awesome movie u don't want to miss.. Thank god that i have seen
it finally.. u sometimes are in real trouble when u have a lot to say
and words just don't feel are enough.. Thats Hachiko..

Movie with a real feeling which moves us out of this fast world, take
us back to the real world of love and care , and finally makes us smile
with a tear in the eyes.. Just a superb movie. and am thanks to all the
crew behind this movie..

Friends, don't miss this movie. If u are carrying at least a bit of
love and real affection, then i promise u , u are going to shed a tear
for Hachiko.. He deserves it with all heart.. I love Hachiko..


Great movie period… Have watched it in home..thank god i watched it
at home, it would have been really embarrassing to cry… thirty years
old, tough guy, big, fat, mean looking guy crying like a baby would
have been real shame…

If somebody says they didn't cry at this movie, either they are lying
or they need to see some shrink

This movie is very simple…being simple makes this movie marvelous
Like someone already stated, they did not try make this movie
interesting by throwing in some interesting scenes which may stand out
and look artificial…for that matter it was not boring or slow, it
will keep on engaging us at the right pace…

It is best to view the movie, without knowing the real incident which
the story is based,like i did…it was rewarding


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hachi: A Dog's Tale, had extraordinary potential to be a great film.
The film starts of with Parker Wilson taking in a young Akita puppy. At
this point in the movie, the gentle playful music, coupled with Gere's
performance was well done, and I though that the movie would go on from
there. Realistically however, there wasn't much plot to go on from this

Hachi: A Dog's Tale is definitely worth a watch, I'm sure that many
people would enjoy this movie, however I found the pace a little slow.
The plot is good – however as a film, its quite limited. This movie
does however have a very good ending (magnificently done) and it does
have its moments in which the audience was captured.

I would actually like to see a Japanese, Asian produced movie of this,
as in the original, it worked well. The background, Tokyo, would also
add a nice touch to this film. The highlights of this film include the
interaction between Hachi and his owner, Parker. Overall, this film
wasn't bad, but it wasn't excellent either, 7/10.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie starts off with Parker (Gere) finding Hachi at a train
station and not wanting to leave the dog alone. He takes him home for
the night until the owner comes back to the station to claim him. His
wife (Allen) clearly is not to fond of dogs and tells her husband that
there is no way that they will be keeping the dog. Of course no one
claims the dog and the wife realizes how much the husband and the
daughter (Roemer) love the dog so she caves and lets them keep it. You
clearly see the bond between Hachi and Parker with all the time they
spend together and Hachi actually starts walking Parker to the train
station and waiting for him when he gets back. One day Parker goes to
work and has a heart attack and dies, but Hachi continues to wait for
him at the station. Even after years of his passing Hachi continues to
go back every day to wait for him.

I'm going to start by arguing a couple of reviews I have read. First
negative review was from UK critic who said he wasn't at all touched by
this movie and the only real thought he had about it was how stupid a
dog could be for waiting around for 10 years for his dead master to
return. This clearly makes me angry, let's be real this is a dog not a
human and I'm not saying dogs are dumb on the contrary I think there
very intelligent, but I don't believe they no what happens to there
master when they die and this movie is a perfect example of that. The
last time Hachi saw Parker he was going to work so for all we know the
dog just thought he had to eventually be coming back.

Second review was how uninspired he was by this story and would have
been more inspired if the community would have tried to help the dog
understand that his master was not coming back. Parker's daughter, who
probably loved him almost as much as parker himself, tried to take
Hachi home with her, but Hachi didn't want too he wanted to wait for
the one he loved most at the station. Let's be honest, when someone is
stubborn and thinks what they are doing is right you can't convince
them otherwise. Well that's how I felt about Hachi he was stubborn and
no one was going to be able to get him to stop waiting.

My thoughts on this movie are clear it was easily the most heartfelt
movie in years. When I read all these reviews about how everyone sobbed
I was thinking "Ok, I might tear up a bit, but there is no way I'm
going to sob" Well I would just like to say that my wife and I have
joined the sobbing club. I have shed a tear for very few movies and I
see a lot, but there was something special about this movie. For me
what made Hachi so special is most dogs I know love attention
regardless who there getting it from, but of course they love there
master just because they spend most there time with them. If a dog were
to lose there master and someone else takes the dog and gives it just
as much love and attention the dog will love there new owner just as
much as the old owner. This wasn't the case for Hachi. He had an
opportunity at Parker's daughters, but he didn't want to stay with her
he loved his master so much that he was willing to not get the full
affection that a dog deserves from another person for the rest of his
life for just that one chance that Parker would return to play with him
one more time.

Hachi is a dog that could teach a lot of people a lesson or two on how
to love one another and to not give up on love as fast as many people
do now a days. Please rent this movie whether your a dog lover or not.
This is not about how much a pet loved its master, its about how
wonderful of a connection two friends had with each other.

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