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  • Haunted Honeymoon
    • Haunted Honeymoon
    • Runtime:82 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:27:46
    • Director: Gene Wilder
    • Genres: Comedy, Horror, Musical, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Haunted Honeymoon


This is a surprisingly well-made movie. It's funny, sure, but not in
the punchliney way you'd expect. It's more that the whole thing is just
so unexpected. Gene Wilder is completely charming and does some great
understated acting in this film; Gilda Radner is funny everywhere she
goes. Dom DeLouise pulls off a great drag character, and no one works
too hard on their jokes–it's just a good time, filmed with surprising
confidence. Though it looks like it's going to be another bad script
with tired jokes for a niche videostore crowd, it's actually an
extension of many of Mel Brooks' best directorial moments. It even has
a Brooksian meta- narrative about film-making. I imagine it might look
silly and dated on a TV screen with a movie channel logo in the corner,
but when it's treated like a film instead of a schlock night, it's a
respectable piece of work well worth anyone's time.


We purchased this movie because we learned that Gilda starred in it
right before her death. I had wanted to introduce my daughter to
Gilda's interesting style of humor and, since she loves Gene Wilder so
much (we watch Young Frankenstein twice a week, at least), she
instantly loved this one, as well.

At first, the plot line is terribly hard to fathom and I had to watch
it several times to catch all the straggling ends. However, once you
understand what's really happening, the story within the story within
the story, then you can really begin to enjoy the subtle jokes, the
attention to detail in the sets and costumes, the excellent
performances by one and all. Of course, Gene and Gilda are enchanting
together and she shines in her role as only she could do. Dom DeLuise
played the Great-Aunt perfectly, but my favorite in the movie was
Jonathan Pryce whose performance was exceptional. My grand-daughter's
favorite part of the movie is Gilda and Dom's singing and dancing to
"Ball in the Jack". We have to play that part over and over for her so
she can dance with them.

Haunted Honeymoon is worth watching several times and worth returning
to, often.


It's amazing that a movie with such a concept and people involved
wasn't more fun to watch. The movie seriously lacked some good laughs
at times and I feel that the movie in its core had far more potential.

It's obvious that Gene Wilder wanted to make a Mel Brooks kind of
movie. The movie definitely has the same atmosphere and ideas as "Young
Frankenstein". Unfortunately its not as good and it shows how much
quality Mel Brooks actually has, to have the skill to have simple,
predictable and silly humor and still make an hilarious and classic
movie with it.

The humor in this movie is just as absurd and predictable and
unfortunately it just doesn't always work out.

The story is totally uninteresting and just serves as an excuse to put
as many crazy characters as possible into the movie. It's a weird
looking bunch with Dom DeLuise playing a woman! Could be me but I
thought the sight of him was pretty darn hilarious! Halve of the time I
didn't even bother to wanted to know what the story was all about, it
was that absurd really!

The movie of course also features Gene Wilder but unfortunately he
hasn't given himself better material and dialog to work with. So it's
hardly his best or most comical role. The movie further more also
features Jonathan Pryce, in one of his earlier movie roles.

Quite frankly I don't understand who the movie has such a bad
reputation. I mean the movie is not all that bad. Yes, you have to like
these sort of movies (Mel Brooks-type of humor movies) but I've seen
far worse genre movies receiving far better criticism. It just doesn't
seem really fair.

The special effects are definitely acceptable for its genre and year it
was made in. So was its make-up and its entire professional visual

If you like these type of movies its very well worth seeing, though
it's definitely not the best movie in its genre that is around.



Having heard for years how awful Haunted Honeymoon was and long wanting
to see Gilda Radner in her last movie, I taped this last night while
the Emmys were on. Now that I've seen it, I can now say nobody in the
cast and crew have anything to be ashamed about. I love the
performances in the radio studio with Radner and Gene Wilder playing
characters in a show with the same title as film. Dom DeLuise is
amusing as Aunt Kate. But I want to really praise the hard-of-hearing
butler Pfister (Bryan Pringle) who, because Wilder tells him his
fiancée is slightly deaf, keeps shouting at Radner. And, yes, like many
other comments here, I love Wilder's using someone else's legs as his
in front of policemen. I also loved the "Ballin' the Jack" number
between DeLuise and Radner and Radner's joke about the bug on the
windshield. So in short, if you're a fan of all three stars, seek this
out by all means!

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