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  • Heavy Metal 2000
    • Heavy Metal 2000
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:41:36
    • Director: Michael Coldewey
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Heavy Metal 2000


After the disappointing let down that was the original Heavy Metal
film, i stumbled upon this sequel. Hell of a lot better than the first
Heavy Metal movie, which was an inconsistent mess of a show. However,
its awesome animation was thrown together with a less than intriguing
storyline, making the overall product a huge waste.

First of all, the title did not make any sense. Why call it "Heavy
Metal"??? The only thing "Heavy Metal" about it was the few metal rock
songs that played at certain parts of the movie. Whats more, the heavy
metal songs never fit in with the scenes that they accompanied; coming
across like they were thrown into those scenes as an afterthought.

Moving swiftly along to the story……Never in my life have i seen a
Story so simple, bland and full of clichés, that tries to pass itself
off as complex and compelling. Standard good vs Evil story coupled with
a outer space chase/revenge story. A miner named Tyler gets "possessed"
by some ancient shard of evil and goes on a quest for immortality after
hijacking a ship. On his way to a planet which has a legendary fountain
of immortality, stops by a planet who's inhabitants carry some
immortality "essence" in their bodies. Tyler and gang massacres the
whole colony and takes prisoners, leaving the main character, Julie,
behind. Julie vows to avenge her family and kill Tyler before he
reaches the fountain of immortality

Straight forward and with little twists. Even a 10 year old can
understand it. Which brings me to my next point, in that a 10 year old
should not be allowed to watch it. It is definitely a film for adults
with its numerous cursing, bloody violence and nudity. Thats something
i've rarely seen in animation; and its taken to new heights in Heavy
Metal 2000 without feeling excessive.

All the characters are written with little depth or dimension. The
stellar acting, however, redeems the otherwise uninteresting
characters. Tyler(expertly played by Hollywood actor Michael
Ironside)is among my favorite animated villains of all time. His voice
is spot on and Ironside delivers his every line with such menacing
enthusiasm that he actually sounds like he enjoyed his role a lot.

If one can just ignore the less than interesting storyline and one
dimensional characters, this movie as some of the most breathtaking
animation ever seen in a long while. It is on par with big budget
productions like Titan A.E and Steamboy. THe frame rate is exceedingly
high leading to exceptionally smooth, lifelike movements. The CGI
blends well with the 2D animation for the most part. What really blew
me away was the level of detail in both the CGI and the 2D art. THe 2D
art actually had blended shadows! A huge rarity in animation.
Basically, for most animation, shadows are just a flat darker shade. In
this case, shadows increase in darkness intensity as it goes further
from the light source, just like in live action.

I give 10/10 for animation but 4/10 for story. Round it up to a even
7/10 in total.

Honestly, such revolutionary animation, an entertaining script,
flawless acting, and intense bloody action was utterly wasted on the
watered down excuse of a story.


Unfortunately, this film is just a rehash of the 1981 classic,
particularly the last story about Tarna. (They even redid the whole
"Swimming to get your battle armor" scene.)

Essentially, the plot is that a guy is infected by a glowing green evil
that makes him into a homicidal maniac, seeking to destroy. In the
process, they slaughter the heroine's community, and she goes on a
quest to hunt down the raiders and avenge them.

Let's talk about sex. This film has a couple of nude shots where it
looks like you are going to get some sex scenes, but then they pull out
at the last minute. Coitus Interruptus! The 1981 original actually
contained several graphic sex scenes. This film pulled out (pun
intended) just in time.

Michael Ironside does a great job as the villain, exuding menace over
his character's poor animation. But overall, it's barely worth


Heavy Metal 2000 is the sequel to the 1981 animated-anthology film
"Heavy Metal".The original Heavy Metal was a great film.It combined
humor, graphic violence, sex and interesting sci-fi storyline.It was an
excellent animated film and it never gets old.Being a fan of the old
one, I watched the sequel as well.The sequel is fairly different from
the original.While the original was told in anthology form, this one is
not.I have not seen this movie in a while so I do not remember the plot
that much.It is actually a bit like the final story of the original
"Heavy Metal".The animation is good, the same kind as featured in the
film "Titan A.E", there are a few good songs, but the soundtrack is
nowhere near as good as the original film, the violence and sex are
still there.Overall, it's a decent film but nowhere near as good as the
first film.


Quite honestly, they should have just kept the budget for the magazine
and stayed out of the movie business.

In short, you only get one story with this one. The story line is badly
developed and loaded with animation that would make Hanna Barbera beam
with a new found sense of superiority.

But, it has boobs, which is usually enough to draw the attention of any
basement dwelling nerd type away from his D&D campaign.

I will admit to getting some of my prepubescent kicks with this
magazine, but when that novelty worn down I discovered that there was
indeed a large cache of very well down comic artists. Some very unique
material indeed. And sadly, with the first Heavy Metal movie, while
they presented various stories and artists, it was apparent they were
still under budget constraints.

But I do contend that this recent movie was pretty much an insult to
the Heavy Metal magazine name and the people whom have enjoyed it over
the years.

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