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  • Her Minor Thing
    • Her Minor Thing
    • Runtime:91 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:42:29
    • Director: Charles Matthau
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Her Minor Thing


I went it with no expectations, which helped me still enjoy it. While
nothing new in terms of premise, and at times extremely clichéd, it
still was nicely diverting. I found the character Jeana (Estella
Warren) very boring. Whether it was her acting or the poor script is
unknown. She was very two-dimensional and I didn't buy it for a second.
Didn't help that the camera kept oggling her up and down as if doubting
she was a so-claimed "virgin". At first I didn't really notice or thing
much of Paul (Christian Kane). However, he did grow on you as the movie
progressed and I appreciated his under-spoken delivery that made it a
little more believable. The scene-stealer by far was Tom, as played by
Michael Weatherly. He clearly threw himself into the role
whole-heartedly and managed to keep it from being smarmy. You genuinely
believed he was a charming, clueless, and sex-driven man without any
hidden agenda or deliberate wickedness. He made the best of such a
character as possible and was a delight to watch.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I hired this movie from the video shop because it had Michael Weatherly
(Dark Angel, NCIS) and Christian Kane (Angel, Closer To Home) in it -I
absolutely love those two actors, and as an added bonus, I found, it
starred Ivana Milicevic (Buffy, Charmed)!

This movie is original in the story, and it's very funny! Michael and
Christian have a past with comedy, so they hit the mark, and Estella
was brilliant with her comedy, especially since I don't really know her
past in the comedy stakes! I keep expecting Michael to have those witty
lines and that witty humour he does in NCIS and for Gibbs (played by
Mark Harmon, NCIS) to smack him on the head!

When Jeanna (played by Estelle Warren) turns Tom (Michael Weatherly)
down (in the chances of marriage and going out), Tom's face turns red
with not only embarrassment and sadness, he quickly gets over it and
flirts with the clerk at the airport, I shook my head at how pathetic
that was!

This is a totally fantasy film, and a good one at that! None of us
could get away with most of what the characters are getting away with,
let alone lying to your potential girlfriend, and you wouldn't be
comfortable doing so, either, let alone striking up a friendship based
on a lie or two. I admire Jeanna for being offended with Tom's
behaviour and wanting to protect her privacy, also feeling angry that
she's missed the cancellation date; I wouldn't like losing $6,600.85,
let alone on a cruise! I also understand her reasons for still being a
virgin -anyone would be worried!

This is an excellent movie, and I recommend it to anyone!

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