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  • Hope Floats
    • Hope Floats
    • Runtime:114 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:21
    • Director: Forest Whitaker
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


"Hope Floats" is too dramatic to be a romantic comedy. It's more of a
character drama about Birdee (Sandra Bullock) moving back home and the
main story line being a romance with Harry Connick Jr.

Birdee, and the film, are very down-to-earth. Although she lived in
Chicago, she's much more suited to the small-town life that she grew up
in in Texas. They don't go for much of the obvious comedy of big-city
girl versus small-town country girl. And that's a good thing.

The young daughter can get annoying, and the romantic comedy angle is
transparent from the beginning. But the natural drama that Birdee goes
through in trying to rebuild her life after a public divorce is done
well enough that it makes "Hope Floats" worth watching.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't help but wonder if we were all watching the same film. The
opinions are so different. I guess people either like it a lot, or hate
it. Me – I loved it! It's worth watching just to see the scene between
Berdie and Romana in the bathroom when Berdie comes home drunk and
tells just how her husband leaving her makes her feel. Perhaps those
who didn't like and couldn't relate to this movie never had an
experience like that. Good for them. But, trust me, those of us who
have had this experience understand exactly how Berdie felt – she
expressed our feelings for us – perhaps better than we could have. To
watch her character's development gives hope to many of us. And Harry
Connick as Justin – well – one review said we'd all probably like to
have our own Justin. I totally agree! I particularly like Berdie's
speech to her husband after the funeral when she told him that she had
already gotten the best part of him, their daughter, and that what's
left over didn't look so good. This film helps us to understand the
deeper feelings of people in various situations. And does a good job of
it. Great movie!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Written by Steven Rogers, "Hope Floats" is a standard romance that
tries so very hard to be a drama, but it just isn't. As I watched, I
became rather annoyed with the self-indulgent character Birdee Pruitt
played by Sandra Bullock, who is usually so likable.

Director Forest Whitaker would have been better served presenting this
movie more like a Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman" or "The Runaway Bride")
or a Meg Ryan ("Sleepless in Seattle" or "You've Got Mail") flick. Also
starred Harry Connick Junior, Gena Rowlands, Mae Whitman and Michael
Pare. Look for Sandra in "While You Were Sleeping" for a much more
enjoyable film.

Saturday, June 10, 2000 – DVD


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not quite "my type of movie" but I am a Sandra Bullock fan so I
watch everything of hers. Some RomComs are delightful, some are plain
boring, and some like this one are thoughtprovoking and often
distressing along the way.

8 out of 10 because it's a good story, even if some aspects of it made
me angry! I was simply disgusted by the TV show scenes. What filth the
TV programme was – bringing someone on under completely false
pretences. Birdie believes she's on the show for a nice time – a
makeover. Now when she discovered it was instead a setup to insult,
hurt and degrade her by her nauseatingly immature and spiteful
exhibitionist husband and his current equally immature and spiteful
lay, why didn't Birdiee slap her repulsive husband and tell the whole
TV audience what she thinks of him for playing this dirty trick? And
then demand that makeover she was told she was getting or threaten to
sue the TV co. for false pretenses?

I think they'd then have either had to agree to her demand – or
hurriedly hustle all three protagonists off the stage if Birdie kicked
up enough of a fuss.

But I suppose she'd find that when she agreed to appear on the
programme she signed some legal doc and didn't read some fine print
that told her she couldn't complain no matter what the outcome. Now if
I saw a clause like that in any contract for appearing on TV, no way
would I sign and hadn't she ever seen this TV programme before and
realised what it was really like?

However, for this story to work, she has to have her confidence smashed
and be unable to think what to do when faced with her smirking husband
and his vicious bit on the side. It's a feature of some Sandra Bullock
movies that I have to say I don't often like though sometimes it works
well. In this it's debatable. Do we want the movie to show how Birdee
recovers her confidence eventually? Or do we want to see her putting up
a spirited defence and shaming the gutless berk she married?

Wouldn't the TV people receive mail from people backing Birdee against
her ex? Why wasn't this passed on to her? Yes, of course she'd be
distraught and after an initial outburst become very depressed. And
yes, she may well be so shocked at the time she wouldn't know what to
say, as is the case in this story, and it's not easy to be so feisty as
I suggest she could have been. But I do seriously wonder at the legal
situation raised here.

Anyway, the story is as it is, one has to forget one's outrage at such
disgusting and spiteful TV filth and get on with the story which is the
usual kind of sad stuff for those left behind when a husband commits
adultery and makes off blithely with his current fancy. It's clear
Daddy didn't really care much at all for his kiddie – all he does is
phone a few times. What about visits? Tough if it's a long journey. But
perhaps one should be grateful he didn't try to visit in case he also
tried to snatch the child. Did he pay alimony? Well, Birdie gets a
mediocre job and that's quite amusing even if disappointing she can't
get anything better in this back of beyond type town – however, she
shows that anything can become better if you make something of it

In the end Birdee wins out and things improve for the daughter who
after continually standing up for her vile father and thereby hurting
her loving and caring mother deeply, finally discovers in the most
hurful way what a file b…… her father is. A sad discovery that
would surely damage her a little for life, but her mother gets together
with an old flame and all turns out happily.

Not a film I'd watch again too enthusiastically because one gets so
annoyed with the despicable husband and squeeze getting away with
everything. But I'd recommend it to anyone who likes Sandra Bullock to
see it at least once. As always she acts superbly. spite of that, I am
amazed at some of the carping against this movie. I really wonder if
such people have seen the same movie as I have.

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