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  • I Love Karditsa
    • I Love Karditsa
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:44
    • Director: Stratos Markidis
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:I Love Karditsa


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Synopsis: Weird science, 30 million dollars in missing mob money and a
couple of hit men on a mission create a riotous comedy farce from
filmmaker Stratos Markidis.

When New Yorker Mike Kanias stops for some cigarettes and loses a
truckload of mafia money he knows it's only a matter of time before the
mob comes looking for him. But Mike isn't your average guy – he's the
world's first human clone, created in the 70s by a group of pioneering
scientists. Now to escape his pursuers he's traveling to the small
Greek village of Karditsa to trade places with Grigoris Kanias, the man
they cloned him from, but lazy womanizer Grigoris is in some trouble of
his own.

Review: The other reviewer Yiannis from Greece hit the nail on the
head. Unless you are Greek I warn you this is lame and a throw back to
Greek movies of the 1950s. In a bad way.

All the male actors are extremely unattractive looking lot with one
exception in a minor role. Lead actress is easy on the eye with her
short boyish haircut. Whether she can act or is just eye catching I
can't tell you. Betsy Malfa is engaging, attractive as the unhappy wife

After seeing the very stylish Greek comedy 180 Digress (reviewed
elsewhere here) a week earlier I thought this one might be the same.
Greek island,some scenery, Katerina Papoutsaki eye catching. The
reality is this feels more like a play, the production values are out
of the 1950s, it rarely gets out of comedy first gear, being clumsy and
vulgar rather than funny. If I saw another scene where someone appeared
through an open window I'd scream. My wife who does speak Greek told me
the sub titles which were fairly colorful were much more colorful than
the spoken dialog.

The only worthwhile points of the film maybe, if the portrayals are
accurate, are that Greek society is basically matriarchal, the strange
dowry system they have to marry off what are portrayed in the film as
overweight, unattractive daughters.

The only other positive apart from this being 90 minutes I will never
get back was the theater last night was full and the foyer after wards
was alive. There were certainly no Greek women needing dowries at the
Como last night.

Motto here with these film festivals must be if you find a really good
film, like 180 Degrees, be content with that. Go chasing a second one
and chances are you'll end up with a dud like this.


It is another awful modern Greek movie that lacks originality, acting,
scenario and directing. Its whole plot (what plot?) could last only for
15 minutes. It is that kind of movies that make us all here in Greece
to consider Greek cinema as bottom. Not even try to watch it. It would
be a complete waste of time. Although it lasts only 90 mins I think, I
was bored since the first half-hour and less. Acting was too average
either. Katerina Papoutsaki proved once again that she could be
everything else than an actress. She has to understand that she lacks
talent. It was only the acting of Bsi Malfa that made this film
bearable, even if her acting was also not good enough. The lead actor's
talent was also almost good.


Full Summary: A Greek scientist in the early 70's cloned the first
human (Grigoris Kanias from Karditsa). His clone was Mike Kanias which
lived in the US. One night during a cigarette stop and he is being
robbed . Having lost 30 million dollars, mafia starts to hunts him
down. In order to save his life he travels to Karditsa to change places
with his clone. But Grigoris, a typical lazy guy with many love affairs
tries to find a way to earn easy money. A sexy blonde with a big check
is the perfect bate…

Review: Dear Greek movie friends, do not even dare to see this movie.
Unbelievable stupidity during the whole movie and a waste of time and
money. Even if you see this movie in order to see Mrs. Papoutsaki
naked, I have to inform you that she did not show much. The film has no
plot, it is repeated the whole time and it is not worth watching. This
"great" acting is continued during the whole film. You can only hear
everybody swearing, cursing and insulting each other in order to create
comedy acts. If we had "Rotten Tomatoes" or "Razzies" awards in Greece
I am sure this film would be the winner! Films like this make us feel
nostalgic for old Greek movies. Cheap with lack of humor, that would be
my description in 5 words. Another Greek mediocre film, with lack in
scenario and originality. Not even Mrs. Papoutsaki can save this film
with the nude scenes, this is just a proof that she is a bad actor.


This film along with "Νήσος"/"Island" are the main cards for Greek
commercial comedy this season. They contain both actors and lifestyle
celebrities/models and target the mainstream public, while they include
some edges for the more sophisticated.

In this film which takes place in New York and a village in the
vicinity of Karditsa, a provincial town of central Greece- the two main
characters, whose appearance is identical, seek their private
professional and sentimental goals while their fates intersect.

Chance, sentimental complications,issues of locality and class,
organized crime and modern science are blended in a merry-go-round
satire of modern "Greek" reality which touches lightheartedly many not
so light in themselves issues and resolves in a conciliatory happy end.

If only those quandaries could be solved that easily in real life! The
actors, TV and film actors of the national star-system support their
flat and sometimes caricatured roles with ability. There is a
combination of trash magazine culture and bucolic romance in the movie
which may sound contradictory by definition but works well in practice.

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