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  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
    • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
    • Runtime:115 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:26:05
    • Director: Dennis Dugan
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry


I Now Pronoucnce you Chuck & Larry -the characters in this made me
laugh. It's the typical Sandler movie, though this one one obvious
different for its reasons. Like most Sandler's films, there is at least
one hot girl (in this case, Jessica Biel who plays a easily turned-on
lawyer), and the immature sense of humour that Sandler and James make

The plot deals with two New York firefighters, Chuck (Sandler) and
Larry (James), who are two straight guy. However, with Larry's wife
dead and his kids needing health care, Larry goes as far-out as to
suggest that that fake a gay partnership in order to get free child
benefits. In order to be taken seriously, Chuck and Larry team up with
Alex (Biel), an intelligent lawyer who handles cases like this. That's
pretty much the story. Basically they just experiment their life by
actually being gay. The movie has jokes that intertwine with it, yet
there is no part of the movie that I would call a "laugh-riot." The
chuckles come and go quite frequently, with most of them being
attributed to the good chemistry that Sandler and James have with each


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went into the movie with very low expectations, having read about how
awful it was with regards to gay stereotypes. But what I didn't expect
was for everyone who isn't a white straight male to be stereotyped.
There were only two men who weren't white in the entire movie; one was
an Asian caricature to a degree that I thought was extinct since the
fifties, and the other one is the only black guy on the force – so of
course he also doubles as the huge scary (crazy) guy. He's notable
becomes a double offense when he, form the moment that he comes out of
the closet, turns into a mincing sissy. This is supposed to be comedic,
because can you imagine a big black guy who isn't scary? Or a black guy
who I gay? What a hoot! The movie also suffers from rampant misogyny,
depicting every single woman as a first class idiot who's naturally all
over Chuck.

Mind you that this trait has nothing to do with Chuck being handsome,
charming or anything else. In fact, his way of seduction is to mock and
insult his target, then expecting them to obey his every command (which
they incredibly do). He's not just this way to women either, in fact he
constantly makes homophobic comments and treats his so called best
friend like dirt, including turning his plea for help down without as
much as a thought and having sex with his maid in his bed, while
Larry's still in it and mere minutes after Larry clearly described how
hard it was for him to let anyone sleep on his wife's side. Then
there's the treatment of the issue at hand, of course. Apart from the
raging stereotypes, it's as if the writers have no idea how homophobia
works. The supposedly progressive lawyer asks the "couple" who is the
chick – a question that is one of the parade signs of ignorance on
homosexuality. Then she asks him out on a "girl day", basically trying
to turn him into the gay pet cliché. The main characters themselves
also continue to look slightly panicked in the presence of gay men,
even as they go through a supposed character development.

As bad as this, or even worse, is that this movie about homosexuality
is completely devoid of homosexuality. Really, there is no same sex
love or attraction going on here at all except in the last five minutes
or so. And then it's only a quick wedding between the two most
prominent gay characters (as in the only gay characters with more than
one line), who never even been shown on screen together before that.
Even a fake kiss between the leads is avoided at all costs and treated
like something absolutely horrific! Not to mention the often cited
assurances of their heterosexuality in the form of an avalanche of
female conquests and a dearly beloved wife respectively. Adding insult
to injury, all the homophobia that we get to experience is directed
against two straight men that are rather homophobic themselves – it's
all just an act, so if they do feel hurt it's not on a personal level.

With the contradictions I've mentioned earlier, it seems like the
purpose for this movie isn't to deal with homophobia, but to make
straight men the heroes of gay people á la every mighty whitey story in
history. Think about it; they never actually did anything to gain their
heroic status. They were exposed as a fraud and then loads of people
wanted them freed because… I don't know. I really don't. They have done
nothing for their community aside from punching an anti gay activist in
the face. If this is really enough to gain iconic status in spite of
everything else, I can't see it as anything short of degrading the
community to make Chuck (Larry is nothing but a sidekick, really) look
like a hero with minimal effort. This is a minority that has claimed
enormous improvements in their treatment these past fifteen years, who
turn major cities into sanctuaries for diversity for a week of the
year, and that at least in the US has rioted multiple times when the
authorities went a step too far against them. But in this movie they
don't dare lift a finger unless a straight man or woman takes the first
step. And just like that, there goes the last drop of credibility that
this train wreck of a movie might have had.

This is where some might wave my concerns off as sensitive and say that
this isn't relevant to comedy. But fact is that timing, acting, or even
Larry's rather sweet character can't save this movie after all the
misogyny, homophobia, racism and what not that it's built upon. If
you're not a white and mildly homophobic male, chances are that the
continuous insults will ruin the fun.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dennis Dugan shows how much he likes to work with Adam Sandler, as this
is their third outing together.

Adam Sandler plays Chuck Levine, a firefighter who is also a playboy.
This is another Adam Sandler character.

Kevin James plays Larry Valentine, a widower firefighter who needs to
take care of his kids. When he finds out that he can't change the
beneficiary of his insurance from his deceased wife to his children, he
asks for help from Chuck. Chuck reluctantly agrees so that he can be
Larry's beneficiary.

Along with the two leads is a love interest for Sandler's character.
She is played by Jessica Biel. Biel plays Alex McDonough, the lawyer
who is in charge of making sure that Chuck and Larry are a legitimate
gay couple. However, Chuck can't stop looking at Alex.

In the supporting cast are some of Sandler's buddies. Steve Buscemi
plays a city worker who is strict on inspecting the trash and suspects
that Chuck and Larry are faking it. Allen Covert, Blake Clark, David
Spade, and Nicholas Turturro all make appearances. Dan Aykroyd plays
the fire chief, and he can't believe what Chuck and Larry are trying to

Ving Rhames is hilarious in a supporting role as a transfer fire
fighter, who looks tough and doesn't say anything, but then comes out
of the closet.

While this movie is not the best, it still has some funny laugh out
loud moments. I find it hard to believe that this screenplay was
written by the same guys who wrote Sideways.


well,this was disappointing.took me awhile to get around to it.not
quite worth the wait,in my mind.too long,for one thing.by about maybe
20 plus minutes.also,it wasn't really funny,save for a few chuckles
here and there and one time where i laughed out loud.also,though i'm
not really someone who gets offended easily,there are some things in
this movie that i could see people getting offended by,and with good
reason.the whole women being objectified and being nothing but eye
candy gets tiresome after you've seen it in enough movies(this is
coming from a straight guy).plus it isn't funny.and then there's Rob
Schneider playing a Chinese character,or rather caricature.that could
be considered in bad taste.there were some good things about the
movie,though.Richard Chamberlain who's openly gay,had a small part in
the movie.the whole issue of homosexuality was treated(mostly) with
respect and dignity.and Jessica Beil's character was a strong female
character who was not a bimbo or eye candy.plus,the movie was
touching.overall,i didn't hate it,but i wouldn't recommend it
either.for me,i now pronounce you Chuck and Larry is a 4.6/10

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