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  • Inner Sanctum
    • Inner Sanctum
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:59
    • Director: Fred Olen Ray
    • Genres: Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Inner Sanctum


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I somehow managed to see the somewhat better sequel to this film first.
I have seen a clutch of these films and none of them ever manage to be
any good. Fred Olen Ray, yet again classes this film as ‘erotic
thriller’ though I failed to see any real eroticism or encounter any
real thrills-judging by other comments no one else did either.

I watched this film, like any others for its curious, minor celebrity
cast. Tanya Roberts, Joseph Bottoms and Margaux Hemingway all had
sizeable careers, just like most other actors in leading roles who step
onto the set of a Fred Olen Ray film. The acting isn’t the problem in
this film and neither is the quality. The storyline goes nowhere and
the ending is ambiguous, especially if anyone has seen Inner Sanctum 2.
And why oh why was this film given this title? it just doesn’t make
sense. Watch Inner Sanctum for film-fan casting or a chance to see
Margaux Hemingway in her supposed comeback role after battling
alcoholism (R.I.P. Margaux Hemingway) Having this as a comeback role is
enough to drive you back to drink. I f you are a genre fan and enjoy
seeing selfish characters double-cross, cheat and kill their way
through a film, with some sex and nudity thrown in, my best bet is
Basic Instinct, at least its reliable. 4/10 it tried, it failed.


If it weren’t for the atrocious acting and inept filmmaking, INNER
would have been a somewhat decent sex flick. Tanya Roberts shows off her
sexy body (and nothing else)in this drivel as a nurse who is hired to
to Joseph Bottoms’ invalid wife. But Miss Tanya has some plans of her
Pretty hot sex scenes compensate (barely) for this pathetic excuse of a
movie. And Margaux Hemingway is the worst actress I have ever laid eyes


The actors in this laughable, straight-to-video erotic "thriller" seem to
in a competition for booby prizes. It’s really hard for the viewer to
who gives the worst performance: the stunningly untalented Tanya Roberts,
the irritating and unnatural Timothy Bottoms or the amazingly unattractive,
horribly miscast Margaux Hemingway ? The script tries to hold our interest
by continuously adding twists and doublecrosses, but the poor acting and
amateurish direction doom this suspesnseless film. All it has going for it
are some hot sex scenes with Roberts. (*)


Very poor film, thin plot with even thinner acting. What is Tanya Roberts
doing in a film like this. Paranoid woman attempts suicide, fails, tries
again, fails again, is subject of attempted murder, survives again and
outlives most of the other cast. Standard stuff for a soft porn movie,
which this film is bad at too. Lots of Boobs and grinding, but about as
erotic as a wet sock. Given the choice between this film and an australian
soap, watch the film, otherwise get a life.

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