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  • Jackass 3D
    • Jackass 3D
    • Runtime:76 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:10:44
    • Director: Jeff Tremaine
    • Genres: Action, Comedy, Documentary
    • Studio:


I know a lot of people think this stuff is too lowbrow, or too gross.
But it's really compelling. You have to watch — it really sucks you
in. And when it's over, you leave the theater thinking, "That was the
greatest thing I've ever seen." This is maybe the most cinematic movie
to come out of Hollywood in a long time. I know they used to be on TV,
but this is stuff that really wouldn't work in another medium.

So while on one hand they seem like a bunch of dopey guys punching each
other in the nuts, on the other hand, they're out there displaying a
really solid understanding of the medium. It's sort of like, there's
Tarantino, and Johnny Knoxville, and everyone else has to get in line
behind them. Maybe other people tell stories that are more important.
But these guys really understand how film and brains mix it up.

I would also say that they're probably the only famous performers in
Hollywood who don't get paid enough. I don't know how much they get,
and I'm sure it's a lot. But it can't possibly be enough.


In 1928, Charlie Chaplin wowed audiences by appearing on screen with a
real, live lion for his celebrated film The Circus. A lion! Real! On
screen! Audiences were mesmerized by this fascinating new art of
cinema, an art made all the more engaging for the fact that the
plastics of its image had roots in reality; that somewhere else in
space and time, Chaplin had actually stood next to this lion and the
reality of this image was now available to them for their own viewing

For a contemporary equivalent, I give you Steve-O launched through the
stratosphere in a PortaPotty full of dog poop. In 3D.

Jackass 3D appeals to cinema's time-honored capacity for ontological
testament, and makes an equally compelling case for the camera's
potency as an empathy machine: We see the setup of a stunt, we endure
its execution, and we then either clutch our balls or puke in our
mouths, depending on what the stunt entails. Cinema is reality, and
their pain is ours.

Jackass isn't simply effective in the art of its performers, however,
as there is a genius to the framing and editing of each segment as
well. Many of the film's laughs are built in to its premises, and the
crew smartly eschews over-explanation. We see a tee ball, we see the
path this ball is on track to take, and we see Steve-O's nuts–as an
intelligent and discerning audience, it is left to us to piece together
the narrative before it unfolds, resulting in our increased engagement
and a far greater potential for humor upon realization. And we then
hang in that moment of anticipation, until the situation's potential
energy is quickly and cathartically rendered kinetic.

Jackass 3D is notable as well for its use of stereoscopic 3D
cinematography. In one scene, Johnny Knoxville fires a projectile
toward the screen in slow motion to great effect: shallow depth of
field slowly reveals this item to be a dildo, and 3D reveals the dildo
to be humorously close to your face. Elsewhere, stereoscopy is employed
in the service of some truly excellent model work; the scene's genuine
beauty makes its ultimate subversion all the more effective.

Needless to say, Jackass 3D will not appeal to everyone. But as the
film so effectively marries the ontology of outrageous stupidity to so
many facets of cinematic expression, it's definitely worth seeing if
you think you can stomach it. TK 10/17/10

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