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  • Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special
    • Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special
    • Runtime:85 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:11:22
    • Director: Michael Simon
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special


This stand-up comedy special made me realize something; I can probably
become a rich, popular and famous comedian as well! Because if it's so
easy to make an audience laugh with so little funny moments or good
jokes, everybody can be a comedian I guess.

Seems that Jeff Dunham is only known and popular thanks to his use of
puppets. At first this was still being something really original and
new but it is getting old already by now. Jeff Dunham still would had
been OK with me if only he was able to write some more clever and funny
material to go along with his gimmick.

Really the problem with this show is that it's just shockingly not
funny at all. None of the writing or any of the jokes are ever being
clever ones. Every joke and reply is incredibly predictable and
incredibly unfunny because of this. Seems to me that Dunham wrote this
show on one rainy afternoon at the kitchen-table and just wrote down
everything that first came up into his head and wrote it down, without
trying to further expand on it or try to give some twists or in-depth
jokes to any of his material.

Still incredibly amazing to see how the crowd is still cracking up as
if it's the funniest thing they had ever heard or seen in their
lifetime. Where did they get this people from? This guy should had been
booed of the stage the first moment he was telling a lame and
predictable joke. Its their fault other people now can see this 85
minutes of 'comedy' torture on DVD or TV.

But the audience are not the only persons manically laughing. Dunham
himself also cracks up lots of times when he is either telling a story
or doing a routine with one of his puppets. This however seemed forced
and just not naturally to me and more was a trick to get the audience
laughing as well. The guitar guy gets used in the same way. He laughs
and looks surprised every time a puppet makes a remark or says
something 'funny' or offensive, like he doesn't known the material and
this is the first time he ever heard any of it.

So perhaps it helps to see Jeff Dunham more as a ventriloquist than as
a stand-up comedian. But sorry, he is not even very good at that. It's
obvious and distracting how he is moving his mouth at times and his
puppets are mostly being just like his material; stupid and
predictable. Each one of his many puppets is basically being very
stereotypical and therefor also very easy to write for. Walter is a
grumpy old guy, so it doesn't matter what he says, as long as it's
being something grumpy. It also doesn't matter much what Achmed says,
as long as he says 'Silence, I kill you!' every now and then. Bubba J
is a stupid Southerner, so he needs to say something NASCAR or beer
related every now and then. José Jalapeño is your very stereotypical
Mexican and Peanut is, well, being a peanut. Peanut is perhaps the most
creative puppet Dunham created but I have no idea anymore what any of
his material was ever about, since I had already lost complete interest
in this once Peanut made his entrance. Some people even call Dunham
racist because his puppets are being big stereotypes and often make
racist remarks but I just call it lack of talent and creativity and the
only offensive thing about it is that it's not being anything funny at

A very special Christmas special indeed…



*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jeff Dunham's strength is in his imagintive puppets, which convey
subtle facial expressions that are indeed funny. He also has mastered
the art of coordinating his voice with visual gestures and manic
movements by his puppets. The content of his comedy, however, is
offensive. He routinely laughs about disabilties such as scoliosis,
polio, and diabetes. One of his characters, Jose Jalapeno, is sadly a
hearkening back to the days when Mexicans were stereotyped and laughed
at as a form of racism. He played before an audience in Milwaukeee that
seemed to be low-grade, uneducated morons who seemed to lap up all of
his "jokes". It must have been "ugly" night – tickets 1/2 price for the
facially challenged… Jeff seems to be his own biggest fan, as he
constantly cracks up at himself. He also has a puppet spontaneously
tell him that he's cute – this guy seems more than just a little vain.
The guy standing in the forefront holding a guitar which he doesn't
play serves as a "laugher" – he cues the audience when to laugh. I
wouldn't pay to see this guy, who seems to appeal to the less
sophisticated among us. How does he sell out these playhouses? I
wouldn't sit in the balcony to watch a ventriloquist act…


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, we have the first 2 DVDs, and can watch either one and still
laugh ourselves into tears. But this third one was a total
disappointment. We got it from Netflix, so a lot of stuff was bleeped
or cut out. The opening sequence in the sleigh was not funny at all,
and actually kind of stupid. Then his opening monologue about his
eldest daughter and her first visit to fill up a gas tank was not even
close to being funny or even entertaining. It was like he was off, and
he knew it. Then our first character comes out, Walter, and if I am not
mistaken, not only was Jeff off, so was Walter. And at times Walter
sounded more like Peanut (voice and all) than Walter. Achmed, well,
when did Achmed turn into a wimp? Bubba I have never really liked that
much, and none of the jokes worked at all, though his song was a little
cute. Maybe because, like with the other characters, we all have heard
them already. There were some laughs throughout, with the most at the
end with Peanut, Guitar Guy, and Jeff trying to read Moore's XMAS
classic. Peanut's interjections were funny, so I am glad I stayed for
this. 85 minutes and maybe 8 total were funny and/or original. The
extras, like the questions asked of Walter, were stale as well. Time
for some new material, Jeff, and please give us back Walter. We all
like him best when he's a total curmudgeon. But the worst of this is
how offensive and racist most of the jokes were. When Achmed did the
joke about how they blow up so young (or something like that) we were
so offended we were ready to turn it off. And we're not even Muslim.
Dunham managed to get in every stereotype and offended and insulted us
all in the process. Was this show for members of the KKK?

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