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  • Jonah Hex
    • Jonah Hex
    • Runtime:81 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:53:08
    • Director: Jimmy Hayward
    • Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller, Western
    • Studio:


Your typical action film based on a comic, but with some surprising
elements. It had some macabre features (where jonah could talk to the
dead and he obtained quick reflexes after a near death experience) and
though megan fox had a mediocre roll she had her moments where her
acting overdid her role in Transformers. (not quite a accomplishment,
but still…)

If you haven't read the comic and maybe not biased by expectations, you
most likely like this one. It has all the elements for a good action
film and the his personal crusade with his nemesis general turnbull
makes it worthwhile to watch.

IMDb rates it with a poor 4,6 I rate it with a 6,5 (G.O.O.S.) ( for the
original effects and surprisingly OK acting from megan fox and
entertaining storyline)


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Comic book movies are all the rage these days. Ever since Spawn, Blade
and X-Men hit it big in 1997, 1998 and 2000 (respectively), it seems
like one or two or sometimes more new comic-turned-films come out every
year. This year, we had Iron Man 2, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,
Kick-Ass, Red, Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night, and Jonah Hex. I had just
watched Jonah Hex this morning, after previously putting it off under
the impression that it was going to be a terrible. After all, reviews
were dismal, and most audiences avoided it. The reason for this I think
is that, like the previously mentioned Kick-Ass, Jonah Hex is an
amalgamation of different genres and styles to produce a sort of
cinematic conglomerate.

The story revolves around the title character of Jonah Hex, a former
soldier of the Civil War who betrayed his superior officer under moral
principles. This general, one Quentin Turnbull, in turn scarred Hex for
life and left him near dead. Because of this, Jonah becomes a loner
bounty hunter who discovers he can speak with the dead (this last bit
is partly due to the help of Native Americans). After he spends his
life afterwards hunting down thugs under the assurance that Turnbull
died in the last days of the war, he discovers that Turnbull is in fact
still alive and planning to annihilate the American populace, and sets
out to stop him as both a 'favor' to the country and a personal

Jonah Hex is supported by two things: Its style and its characters. As
I said before, the film is a combination of styles. Here we have a
healthy chunk of gritty 1960's western, a dose of self-aware comic book
sensibility, a bit of modern era actioneering, and a nice touch of
personal struggle. At any given time, we can see masked riders
overtaking a steam engine train, men coming to terms with their own
faults, and heroes shooting dynamite-launching crossbows. It may not be
everyone's cup of tea, and it can be overwhelming to those who don't
like it or expect it, but I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable.

The acting and characters can be said to be both good and poor. The
most impressive acting in the film is by far by lead actor Josh Brolin.
Brolin IS Jonah Hex. This is one of those rare performances where you
barely recognize the actor, because they literally become the
character. In a sense, Brolin carries the whole movie with his
performance. Opposite of this are John Malkovich as Turnbull and Megan
Fox as a sort of love interest for Hex. I found Malkovich to be
disappointing here. He usually gives such an impressive performance,
but here he just seems to be going through the motions, barely putting
effort into it. Megan Fox is arguably the weakest link in the movie,
serving no purpose other than brief instances of shoddy eye-candy.
Unlike all the other characters, Fox's has no motivation, no reason,
and no background. It's as if she was the token girl of the movie. Her
acting here is even worse than in the Transformers movies, and that's
saying something. However, practically all the minor characters,
particularly weapon-maker Smith and Irish maniac Burke, are always
competently and usually enjoyably well-performed by their actors.

It could be said that Jonah Hex is boring and silly, which was indeed
what most people said when it came out. Its plot is rather paper thin,
often branching off into minor events of introspective scenes for
Jonah, and it adopts the 'turn-off-your-brain' attitude at certain
points to make way for action sequences. However, the core of the movie
still rests on the focus of its unique style and Jonah Hex as a
character, both of which work well. And considering that this is meant
more for entertainment than art, and the entertainment delivers, the
movie's flaws are forgivable.

Overall, Jonah Hex makes for an enjoyable movie if you go into it with
an open mind. The story and execution could have been better, but the
nice group of styles and Josh Brolin make up for this. It's no
high-quality cinematic work to be sure, but it's damn fun and quite


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the worst film of 2010. Jonah
Hex is a sorry excuse for a film, a horrible mess and everyone involved
should be punished in one way or another. Well, everyone who is
relatively good. Mr. Brolin and Mr. Malkovich should know better, I
expect crap like this from Megan Fox. This is such a mess, I don't
really know where to begin.

Well, If I have to start somewhere I guess it would be with the script.
What a load of crap. If crap like this is what passes for screenplays
these days then I need to change my 'career' path. I'm sure the script
was riddled with spelling mistakes too, since the writer must not have
known a single thing about what makes a story work. Nothing cohesive
here, just a bunch of random scenes thrown together.

Next on the plate are the actors. We have Josh Brolin, who seems to
have had a recent resurgence of fame with his role in No Country For
Old Men. Not leading man type, he tries his best with the crap he was
given. He has the troubled task of trying to give a performance with
part of his mouth being sealed. So he grunts and mumbles his way
through most of the lines. John Malkovich does the same old bad guy
routine. He was better as the despicable villain in Con Air, Teddy KGB
in Rounders and John Horatio Malkovich in Being John Malkovich. He was
clearly looking for a paycheck and decided to sleep through his role

Lastly is Megan Fox, the girl that gets roles based on her looks and
her looks alone. She scored with Transformers and made a lot of boys
become teens. Here, the filmmakers decided that she wasn't pretty
enough, so they must have used CGI to pretty her face up a bit because
it seems that every shot of her has a heavenly glow. Her role?
Pointless, she plays a tramp who sleeps with Hex, apparently they are
in 'love'. She's used as bait to get Hex caught…that's it. Poor
writing. They don't even use her best assets in this film. She has sex
appeal and they use none of it. Her accent, if you can call it that, is
ear bleeding.

Don't even get me started on the casting of Will Arnett.

Jonah Hex was never popular enough to warrant a film adaptation. This
poor version is proof why you should not make every comic book
character into a film. Jonah Hex comes off as a poor man's Wild Wild
West. Yes, it is even worse than that trash…and that trash had giant
robotic spiders.

The ideas presented here aren't even interesting enough to worth a
mention. The powers that Hex has, being able to talk to the dead, is
laughable. It is an idea that had potential, but was used poorly and
the the aspects of it are laughable and inconsistent, or maybe just
poorly explained. In any event, I was surprised that I was able to make
it through to the end of the film, even with a running time of…what?
80 minutes? They couldn't even come up with enough material to fill the
90 minute standard run time? Wow, that's including ten minutes of
credits? How do they get away with this?

Jonah Hex is so bad it's not even fun bad. It's just horrendous bad. I
actually hate myself for watching this.


I am a huge fan of the Jonah Hex comic series. Jonah was originally a
thinly veiled but better version of Eastwood's Stranger, and despite
the parallels to Josie Wales, pre-dates it by 4 years.

I would have felt much more generous to this movie if it was made with
another original character instead of bastardizing and cannibalizing
the original source material. There are indeed characters named Hex,
Turnbull, and even Megan Fox's Talullah is likely a nod to a character
named Talullah Black. But here the similarity ends.

Josh Brolin is just okay as Hex. I thought he could have at least dyed
his hair to match the comic. He grumbles most of his dialogue, and the
facial appliance does not help his annunciation. I got the feeling that
he was phoning this one in. Malkovich as Turnbull seems bored and a bit
out of place. He's servicably evil, but not very fleshed out. Megan Fox
seems too pretty too wooden and too sassy to be authentic. I did like
the 'Snake Man'.

I'll not re-hash all the plot holes as many have already done. They are
legion. I will say that this is one of those films where most
everything is at night, and it makes it really hard to see anything,
especially when paired with the spastic action scenes that seem to be
done so fast on purpose so you cant actually see anything.

If you find yourself curious about Hex, seek out any of the mini-series
that writer Joe R. Lansdale had a hand in. Here's a quote that shows
how he saw Hex: "He was a hero to some, a villain to others, and
wherever he rode, men spoke his name in whispers."

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