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  • Joseph: King of Dreams
    • Joseph: King of Dreams
    • Runtime:75 min
    • Release Date:2013-12-05 08:58:08
    • Director: Rob LaDuca
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Drama, Family, Musical
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Joseph: King of Dreams


Joseph:King of Dreams is a very pleasant direct to video film. Like
Prince of Egypt, this is also based on a story from the Bible. However,
while this is worth watching and underrated I think too, I don't think
it is as good as Prince of Egypt. I have to be fair though, considering
how superb Prince of Egypt was, for that movie is one of the most
evocative, compelling and stirring animated movies ever, this film had
a lot to live up to. In general, this does a more than acceptable job
at telling the story from the Bible.

The film's criticisms are very few. The story while quite faithful to
the story is a little choppy in places, but manages to be compelling
enough in others. In its defence though, I have always felt the
biblical story one of the less interesting stories in the Bible, but
that is probably just me. There are also one or two moments when the
character development is a little shallow, primarily with Joseph's
brothers-Joseph was a very convincing and fleshed out protagonist- and
the ending is perhaps abrupt. All these problems are probably
disadvantaged by one major factor, the film for me is too short.

However, there is so much to recommend. The animation is superb, the
background art is audacious, and the fluidity of the character
movements is evident. I loved the look of Joseph's coat, and how the
animators animated his dreams. I also think the music is
under-appreciated, as I really liked the songs. You Know Better Than I
is my favourite, and I may have a confession, I have a slight
preference to the songs here than I do to the Andrew Lloyd Webber
musical. The characters are good, Joseph is convincing as a
protagonist, especially in the latter half of the film, and Asenath is
one of the more vivacious female characters in a non-Disney animated
movie. She reminds me a bit of Tzipporah and Chel. And the voices were
well done, quite the opposite. I don't normally care for Ben Affleck,
but he wasn't that bad here. Going on a tangent, people complained of
Matt Damon being dull in Spirit and I not only really liked the film
but I thought Damon was good. If I had any thoughts on who voice acted
better, I think Affleck was slightly better. Jodi Benson proves what a
wonderful voice actress she is by providing a strong and emphatic
persona for Asenath, and Mark Hamill is great as Judah.

In conclusion, this is a good film, not perfect, but it is underrated.
7/10 Bethany Cox

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