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  • Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead
    • Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead
    • Runtime:91 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:28:58
    • Director: Louis Morneau
    • Genres: Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead


I watched this on syfy a while ago,and the next weekend,when I went to
the video store,I spotted it in the horror section.So,I decided to try
something different.I rented it,I watched it,and it proved to be a very
good experience.The acting,story and characters were all superb.I think
Mark Gibbon did a very good job as Rusty nail,and was a great
substitute for Ted Levine.Louis did a pretty good job too considering
he was responsible for Carnosaur 2,and Bats(maybe his talent lies in
direct to DVD movies).Any way,this film is actually in my opinion,very
similar to the first(though there are differences).The Joy ride and
Wrong turn movies are also quite similar.Both are 20th century fox
horror films(and two of my all time favorites).This movie,and a number
of others were actually a big impact in terms of what movies I watch.So
if you liked the original, you'll probably like this one.ChilliWilly is


It's been nine years since we have seen Rusty Nail provoke and
antagonize teenagers. Now we see he has returned to a new bunch of
innocents in the sequel, Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead. I have to admit for a
sequel to a cult classic movie that came out seven years ago at the
time of this film's release, it had a lot of potential to it. The
potential this film had was large, and it delivered it. It was a pretty
honorable sequel, especially with no returning cast members. Not even
Ted Levine (Rusty Nail) returned.

The original film wasn't famous until it released on VHS and DVD in
2001. The theater viewing was lukewarm. This one was released
Direct-to-DVD in 2008. The original focused more on the three kids
freaking out, and with Rusty Nail being hidden most of the time during
the movie. This one shows the lower half of his mouth with a cigarette
in it whenever he talks which kind of kills the suspense in a way.
Though still doesn't ruin the whole film.

The movie centers around four main characters. Melissa and her fiancé
Bobby (Nicki Aycox and Nick Zano), with her sister Kayla (Laura
Jordan), and her online boyfriend Nik (Kyle Schmid), whom she picks up.
After having car troubles, (who doesn't in Horror films?) they are
forced to break into a seemingly abandoned house and taking the 1983
Chevrolet Caprice. Melissa leaves a note for the owner and her cell
number. Little does she know that the house is home to a deranged
trucker by the name of Rusty Nail (Mark Gibbon).

Because of his anger that the four took his car, Rusty kidnaps Bobby
while in the restroom of a truck stop and stalks Melissa, Kayla, and
Nik and plays several unspeakable psychological mind games on the three
and says if they do everything he says he'll return Bobby unharmed. I
wont spoil the tasks, but just to clear up everything, he makes them
destroy their cell phones to assure no police will be called.

This is every torture porn fan's dream. This film will most likely
amuse the fans who were asking for another Joy Ride film, but only
slightly entertain the ones really involved in the series, like me. If
I get really into a series, I get into it and need to know absolutely
every little detail about it. So this amused me, but left me with some
questions. I wish they would have brought up something about the first
film. An article, a mention, even Rusty saying he's done this before.
Anything to hint the first film was real. The time period of the first
film was unknown. It could have been in the 90s or 2000s. This film
mentions sites like Youtube, Myspace, Google, etc so it's more clear it
takes place in present time.

I enjoyed the first one beyond belief and one of the only downsides was
Ted Levine did not reprise his role as the voice of Rusty Nail. That
voice was unspeakably amazing and really gave a dark, convoluted feel
to the storyline. So overall, the sequel is what I would call a sequel
that does it's job to be a good Horror film, but fails to recognize
it's predecessor in any way. It would have been cool to hear Rusty say
"I've done this before, it ain't hard".

Starring: Nicki Aycox, Nick Zano, Laura Jordan, Kyle Schmid, and Mark
Gibbon. Directed by: Louis Morneau.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a sequel, it's is somewhat disappointing. It's not as bad as some
other sequels and if it would have been a stand alone movie, it would
be even okay. It's hard to watch it this way, though. But at least you
get the feeling, that it wasn't a total waste of time after you're

The story has some flaws. Even though the acting isn't that bad, they
behave pretty stupid and obvious all the time. Also, they didn't manage
to make you feel any sympathy or compassion for the characters and the
agonies they go through.

The gore in the movie is mostly out of place and not even exciting or
shocking. It doesn't suit the situations and seems to have been build
in only to make the movie more interesting. But it doesn't work, with
one exception. I found the dice torturing game at the end of the movie
quite interesting. It remembered me of the saw movies and it had more
potential. Unfortunately, they kept the game too short. A few more
rounds with no early game over for the opposite player would have been
better. There is one of the plot errors, too. Why would Rusty Nail
bother with the most cruel and brutal deaths in the movie and then
return to such "harmless" things like heating up a letter in order to
burn Bobbys breast? You'd expect at least that he would burn his breast
with the blowtorch. Maybe he got bored by the dullness of the movie by

Even Rusty Nail seems to have changed since the first movie. In
Joyride, you could understand why he did the things he did. He had some
deeper motives and a reason. In the sequel, he's been degraded to a
plain sadistic psycho with a habit of torturing people for trivial

If you don't have high expectations or haven't seen the first movie,
you might enjoy Joyride. I like trucks in movies, so I didn't mind much
about the flaws.


Joy Ride 2 Dead Ahead is not a bad horror film. Sure, it is
predictable, and has some bad writing at times and acting, but not as
often to make it a bad film. It has some really wild moments that make
it all worthwhile, like the gambling death scene between the two male
characters. Nicki Aycox is a strong leading lady, the others are
mediocre. It is actually better than Jeepers Creepers 2, Aycox's other
horror film and this should definitely entertain those wanting a night
out, and for those who have nothing else to do, but be warned, it is
not very scary.

But overall, not a bad horror film and pretty entertaining

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