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  • Kick-Ass
    • Kick-Ass
    • Runtime:117 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:28:23
    • Director: Matthew Vaughn
    • Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I held off placing a review of this film out here, mainly because I was
lazy. But also because I wanted this film to fully sink into my
consciousness. This is one of the few films that I can honestly say saw
major rotation in my Blu-ray player. It is one of the gems from 2010.

Many comics are getting the film treatment nowadays. Few however see
the transition done this well. Vaughn has taken the comic created by
Mark Millar and turned it into a live-action treat.

Young Dave Lizewski, as played by the fantastic Aaron Johnson, just
wants to make a difference. He has no super powers, no training to
speak of, he just has a costume and a desire to do good. Johnson
juggles the character of Lizewski/Kick-ass beautifully. From his
dead-on American accent (those that don't know, he is English) to the
wholehearted earnest desire to do right, Aaron Johnson has announced
himself to the movie audience in a grand way. The film follows Lizewski
as he sets about battling wrong in his town, while dealing with the
same issues other teens are going through. It is this balance that
makes the film fun to watch as you see him stumble through both his
desire to right wrong, as well as capture the heart of a girl at school
whom he has fallen for. The film follows Lizewski through all the
par-ells that being a teen encompasses, with the added wrinkle of
trying to be a "hero".

As good as Vaughn's direction is and Johnson's take on Kick-ass, this
film is taken to new heights by the team of Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage)
and Hitgirl (Chloe Moretz). Cage and Moretz father/daughter
relationship is what makes this film work. Cage goes from playing an
eerily mousy father to channeling Adam West when he dons the cape and
cowl of Big Daddy. Chloe Moretz, what more can I say that hasn't
already been said. She, like Johnson, announces herself to the movie
audience with one of the best introductory characters in the last
decade. Big Daddy and Hit Girl have a very unorthodox relationship, one
that is built on the father raising his daughter to fear nothing and
give no quarter to those that would do harm. Her violence is equal
parts unsettling and invigorating to watch. You will shake your head as
you take joy in watching her in action, yet coming to terms that this
is a pre-teen committing major acts of violence.

Mark Strong provides a wonderful screen villain for our heroes to
battle. He seems to be making a niche in portraying villains, all
different. His Frank D'Amico is dangerous, but is able to do this
without resorting to camp that many actors go to when portraying comic
villains. The person who goes a long way in stepping outside of
previous roles is Christopher Mintz-Plasse. He plays Chris D'Amico /
Red Mist, the son of Strong's Frank D'Amico, and pseudo partner to our
heroes, far and away from the McLov'n characterization that he is most
identified with. He goes a long way in putting that character behind
him with this role.

This film was heavily marketed, but in the end did not do extremely
well in theaters. I think many people who are not familiar with the
comic and not informed of the film itself but only knew it from the
trailers saw this as a comedy, when in all honesty the comedy comes
organically from the situations that our characters find themselves in.
It is not played for chuckles, it is played dead on serious. I think
maybe some saw this as a comedy and shied away from it.It is a film
which contains many elements that are hard for a general audience to
accept and appreciate. The biggest being the violence. To Vaughn's
credit, he did not pull back on the violence of the comic. A sequel was
green-lit before the film hit theaters, I hope the box-office does not
keep them from moving forward as it would be a shame not to see these
characters mature in further adventures.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wasn't expecting it to be That good, i was kinda expecting it to
kinda suck but i was wrong! i was amazed, it was like watching Kill
Bill for the first time, i've never seen so many people cheering for
such a Great movie!

Everything was good, the Story, the Acting, the Experience and the
Music was just outstanding!

When you thought that nothing could entertain you from such a let down
year this year, this movie delivers what most movies should have, its
even narrated to put you on full attention.

This is one of my favorite movies This movies Deserves some Oscars! You
should see it to Believe it


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At first when I glanced at IMDbs page for Kick-ass, I saw the numbers
8.1 staring back at me. I was in shock. This was by far the worst movie
I've seen in my entire life. I've seen quite a lot of movies (In my own
opinion he he, well well) and me being so out of line with the rest of
the peoples opinions?! I created this account just to vote down this
movie, it has an extremely over rated criticism on this site. Actually
I saw a fellow IMDber write the exact same thing, that made it a little
better. Well lets come to the point: At first, quite okay concept, just
another superhero movie, was my thought when I saw the trailer. It
starts with the main character having a normal teenage life but an urge
to do something about todays far to great violence. Some funny scenes
in the beginning and I was pleased and expected a quite okay film. But
then the hell brake loose! Nicolas Cage and his little in-film-daughter
appears with the worst dialog ever. Trying-to-be-funny lines from the
little girl, with some strained laughs from Nicolas. Our main character
the Oh so cool superhero feels that he needs to quit and focus on his
new girlfriend (good commitment there). Everything from here is blood
and violence and disgusting misplaced sex scenes. Mostly violence and
blood of course, legs chopped off, heads exploding etc. I was 1 second
away from turning off the movie, but I wanted to see the end even
though the quality of this poor movie.

The end was ridiculously bad with some hardcore machine gun and bazooka
action. The action scenes, the plot, the idea, the dialog, the movie
was horrifying, and Im amazed that Nicolas Cage did say yes to this,
even though he hasn't been the greatest role-chooser, this was by far
his worst appearance ever. Well don't waste your time watching it, you
will just feel a need to express your anger over the quality in this
film – like me.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*May Contain some Spoilers *May Contain some Spoilers

The movie Kick Ass is unapologetic in it's gratuitous violence,
cheesiness, and it is a cliché in every way. While viewing the first 35
minutes the movie seems to be the usual uncreative "blockbuster," movie
many movie goers have come to expect and hopelessly pay for. The script
is equipped with the typically, nauseating and rehashed plot expected
from one of today's top major studios and film crews. Have you ever
seen anything so unoriginal? Nerd is a nerd. Nerd gets tired of being
picked on for being a nerd. Nerd also likes girl. Nerd attempts to kick
ass. Nerd scares girl after breaking into her house by sneaking into
her window. Girl Changes mind after nerd says I'm sorry. Nerd turns
girl on. Nerd and girl have sex after girl reconsiders pressing charges
and filing a restraining order. But this is the whole point, me thinks.
Unlike the scary movie series, Kick Ass mixes sharp satire with actual
thoughtful artistic integrity. And after watching the movie I must say,
Kick ass was one of the funnest movies I've seen in a while. How? How
can a used up clichéd plot, stereotypical paper cutout characters, and
violence in abundance equal FUN????

Kick Ass shows us what would happen to Peter Parker if he were in the
world of Facebook and social networking. The information age, a gift
and a curse, where two girls performing bodily functions in a cup can
garner global mass media attention in minutes, and where profound words
can go unseen. A place where everyone can have his/her own broadcast
for an outlet, to entertain to be heard; It is also a place where
everyone struggles to go unnoticed. In Kick Ass people don't have super
powers there are no super heroes, but there are the bad guys the power
hungry and the rest of us who "just exist." Kick Ass is masked by
Hollywood clichés and gimmicks, but effective and dare I say subtly
profound at it's core. "How many people have ever wanted to have super
powers?" the narrator asks in the opening scene. There is something fun
and awe-inspiring about the kill fest in the film based on the comic
book series with the same moniker. Who doesn't want to beat up the bad
guys? Matthew Vaugn didn't direct a movie attempting to just parody
superhero movies. He made a movie in jest, to amuse, and espouse in us
nostalgia, titillation and remind us of our own childhood wonder. Even
Nicholas Cage is put to good use as Big Daddy; loving and dysfunctional
Cage plays the vengeful vigilante father to his femme fatale of a
daughter Hit Girl(Chloë Grace Moretz). And the lead role is believable
and handled well by Adam Johnson who stars as our superhero Dave
Lizewski—also known as Kick-Ass, the nerd turned vigilante avenger.

As the film progresses you get the joke, and the message. One of the
best "super hero" movies I've ever seen. Predictable but pleasantly
unexpected and entertaining.

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