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  • Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
    • Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
    • Runtime:66 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:19:21
    • Director: Steve Loter
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time


Featuring the characters of the original Kim Possible series, this film
proves to a be gripping, exciting and quite hilarious along the way.
The flaws are mediocre animation and fighting that, though it may be
cool, it becomes tedious. Better things about the film are the songs
(though they may not be to everyone's standards as they are quite
modern), the gags and the plot. This film will be enjoyable for most
teenagers and children!

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable have a rather tough adventure on their
hands. Ron has just moved to Norway and without him, Kim is finding
beating the boisterous baddies particularly difficult. With a stone
idol called "Tempus Simmea", which is a small monkey statue, the
villains are trying to activate some sort of evil…

Enjoy "Kim Possible: A Stitch In Time"!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nice follow-up to the great series. Kim gets her first TV movie. This
should have been expanded and made theatrical. I think this is a very
good movie indeed. I like how the history and future of the series is
revealed in such a good TV movie.

I think this was a bit better than the series if you ask me. I mean,
the villains go back in time to change things, but end up being beaten,
but then they go to the future and invest. I am fairly sure Shego
said,"What the hell is that?" when Drakken has the "Juvenator" thing in
his hand. I may be hearing things.

But anyway, the movie was better than the show. An 8.9 out of 10.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

first off, I’m a fan of the series, one of the more enjoyable shows on
TV in my opinion. i did like this movie, however, it was a little TOO
cheesy. and this is a cartoon – on the Disney channel no less. the idea
was neat, and the plot was interesting. but some things just irked me.
the first major irking was when the 4 villains visit kim in her first
day of pre school, and she ends up driving them off. OK, so, a 5 year
old sends 3 evil geniuses packing? not working for me. id say the other
major problem i had was with the resolution. i was eager to find out
how the good guys would win when the odds were heavily stacked against
them. and how is it resolved? ron finds out shego was behind his
family’s relocation, gets mad, picks up drakken who is completely
ripped and probably weighs 3 times as much as him, and hurls him into
the wall like a frisbee, destroying the lair in the process. uh …
what? everything else in the movie was pretty in sync with the series,
especially the humor, i laughed many times in the film. but its almost
as if the writers just got lazy and cut corners in the plot, it just
doesn’t really deliver in that department.

decent movie if you like the series, but otherwise, kind of average


*** This review may contain spoilers ***


For my first comment, I’m going to say something about the theme; For a
Disney cartoon, it’s surprisingly cool. In fact, I’d almost rank it
near the same level as "Turn Down the Sun," from IS IT FALL YET?
Unfortunately, like "Thank You for Being a Friend" by Andrew Gold, it
wasn’t originally written as a theme song. Some have compared it to the
opening cheer from BRING IT ON(2000), although nobody’s uniform falls
off out of nowhere in this one. You can even hear the swishing of the
pom-poms and bouncing around on the gymnasium floorboards through the
music, which makes it obvious they used multiple soundtracks here.
After the cheer-session, we find Ron has signed both himself and Kim up
for Latin class, only to find the Latin he signed them up for was Latin
the language, rather than Latin American culture. Which raises the
question, Just how dead is Latin as a language if it’s still being
offered as a course in our schools? Anyway while making his speech
about how great the new school season is going to be, he suddenly finds
his family is moving out of town…WAY out of town! Specifically,
NORWAY! Soon we find that Ron was NOT exaggerating when he said moving
out would mean the end of life on earth as we know it, as Kim & Ron’s
efforts to stop freaky super-villains on three different continents
don’t work so well. We also find that the Latin class Ron got Kim into
were useful after all. Since our little Kimmie-cub is the only thing
standing in the way of world domination for Drakken, Shego, Monkey
Fist, Duff Killigan or any villains not appearing in this movie,
Drakken decides to take the three other mentioned villains and to
travel through time to thwart Kim’s evolution into the confident teen
heroine we know her to be, using primate-obsessive Lord Monkey Fist’s
knowledge about an ancient time-traveling relic called the "Tempus
Simia." Once she figures this out, a much more articulate and
not-so-naked descendant of Rufus(voiced by Michael Dorn) visits her
from the future and drafts her to help them with the fight against "the
Supreme One," by going back in time to stop them. I like how he goes
into a grandiose speech about the importance of a mission, and then
says "I’m making cookies." Like the original series it’s humor relies
on slapping standard hero and villain clichés right in the face. Shego
has a sarcastic streak rivaling Daria Morgendorffer, even if she’s not
as smart as or far more evil than Daria. As expected with any movie (or
TV-Movie for that matter) based on an existing cartoon since the
1990′s, this cartoon relies on something extra to distinguish itself
from the regular series — the use of CGI-Animation, however the use of
these techniques is far more subtle than in THE FAIRLY ODD-PARENTS:
ABRA-CATASTROPHE(2003)(TV), from earlier that year. Compare this to
1966′s THE MAN CALLED FLINTSTONE, which only had musical interludes and
unique camera angles to distinguish itself from that series. The
statues of "The Supreme One" look like they were done with pencil, but
my guess is that they were airbrushed. The fight at Shego’s lair seems
a lot like something out of STAR WARS, and others appear ripped-off of
SAMURAI JACK, but that’s not much of a reason to complain. I did notice
that one of the people who gave Kim a ride was an Australian Bushman
who drove a HUMVEE with left-hand drive(Another goof I tried and failed
to submit to IMDb). Despite these anomalies, it’s still great partially
because it shows the origins of Kim’s world-saving activities, and what
would happen if she were to fail. Overall, it’s not as good as the
would-be series-ending "So the Drama," but still good.

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