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  • Ko to tamo peva
    • Ko to tamo peva
    • Runtime:86 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:25:05
    • Director: Slobodan Sijan
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Ko to tamo peva


I watched this movie, because it was in the top ten comedies of IMDb.
It took me into a world that is absolutely alien to me. So maybe you
have to be from Serbia to fully enjoy it. Overall I liked the movie.
The story was well paced, the characters convincing and the actors were
great. Nevertheless, from the ratings I expected a little bit more. So
maybe my expectations were too high. The story is full of twists and
ideas that are on the brink of being funny. But I didn't get quite into
it. Maybe because I felt more like an outsider than an insider. The
film is well worth a watch, but to me it is not the master piece that I


"Ko to tamo peva" is one of the best films I ever saw. A tragicomedy
with very deep implications on the fate of humankind shown through the
eyes of seemingly very plain and common people from a God-forsaken
Serbian province just before the start of the World War II. I saw it in
a small movie theater in Russia where the film had had a very limited
distribution, and I had no chance to come across it ever since. It is
such a pity that this excellent film is almost forgotten now. I
searched for a VHS or DVD copy of it many times, and alas – could find
none. I would be most grateful to other fans of this little gem of
movie-making for a suggestion of the ways to purchase a copy.


At first sight, Who's Singing Over There just seems to be an absurd and
excellent comedy… with only a kind of unusual, quiet and slow motion :
what a mistake !

Beginning with two singers on a desert landscape, then a bus and a
wonderful bunch of actors, it hides a gem !

The folded story, and a false rhythm induces you to think, yes it is
comic, but just lets you guess it will be a gentle kind of movie.

Not at all : very funny by instant, dark subtle cynical on others, its
development surprises you all along the story… Very ingeniously and
cleverly presented, all the characters are important, and the actors
give them full life.

And what is astonishing, it's based on deep observation, great
mastering of the camera work and has a great meanings, and really
everything, the general direction and how also the details are
presented, that it simply makes you forget it's a movie: it is like to
watch a kind human society, you yet don't know,shot by a friend behind
a camera.

And you're the one behind him. It is simple, and simply exceptional !

Don't misunderstand me; in no way that would means the script , the
quality of picture, the music score have a kind of amateurish way, no,
no ! It's great Art !

Because it flows like a river… From high up in the mountain, down to
the sea, with all the different sort of grounds and peregrinations that
a real river will face on its journey to the sea… from a tiny thing to
a main stream.

This metaphoric image I used is the very best way I can find to explain
all the charm that has Who's Singing Over There. For me, again, I take
the hammer : simply exceptional…

I've seen that The Director is the one who made Chat Blanc/Chat Noir,
which I know is quiet famous… But as I yet didn't see it, I had no idea
about this gentleman.

Others reviewers wrote dithyrambical comments on that film, I fully
agree !

European Eastern Cinema is not well know because seldom translated, but
I am lucky to have this exemplar one in original language, with good
English subtitles. All in all : deep, delicious and exceptional…

For fast and empty exploding types and special effect buffs, avoid it
at any cost, it may be too subtle and good for you !

But if you're interested in different genres and/or classics, I guess
you won't regret this one, and in case of buying, it will have good
companionship in your personal DVD library, with such no less than
merited big names like Billy Wilder, Lubitsch, or Sacha Guitry among
some of my preferred directors . At least for this movie !

***A film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head
of a poet Orson Welles***

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