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  • Koroshiya 1
    • Koroshiya 1
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:08:18
    • Director: Takashi Miike
    • Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Koroshiya 1


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was originally a little leery about seeing this movie (even though
I'm pretty Boss and can usually take stuff like this)…I heard it was
actually pretty hard to watch. So like 10 minutes ago, I finally
finished it and felt like a pansy for thinking I couldn't. Don't let
people come up telling you "OMG it's so horrible and blah blah blah."
Um, no, it's awesome. I'm a HUGE fan of cool splatter-gore, crazy,
freak you out movies and this one has it all…including a whole load
of torture by the COOLest bad guy everrrr Tadanobu Asano (Kakihara) and
his 2 foot needles. He looks like a pierced up rockstar who you want to
get to know, but stay away from at the same time.

Best Lines: 1. Kakihara: "There's no love in your violence." 2.
Kakihara: "Damn… Nobody left to kill me." 3. Kakihara: "Put some
feeling into it, already! If you're going to give someone pain, you've
got to get into it!" 4. Jiro: "Is it possible to rip someone's arm off
with your bare hands?"

Other Super Cool Things: The acting by Tadanobu Asano (Kakihara) and
Nao Ohmori (Ichi) is so right on point. There's never really a dull
moment in the entire movie, which is kind of a mix of horror and
comedy. But the real reason why this movie is so good, is because of
how it makes you feel sad for these killers/heroes the whole
time…especially Ichi who seems at one minute, completely mental, and
the next, completely sweet and innocent. Not to mention the gore is
pretty cool and the torture scenes are pretty cool also (especially
what they do to the character Suzuki who really gets it) Some other
stand out characters are the twins who will make you LOL toward the
middle of the movie and Takeshi (Kaneko's son) who winds up having a
big part.

My Only Problem: They introduce most of the characters to you all at
once so if you aren't realllly paying attention to the names, you might
get a little lost toward the middle.

Best Scenes (Without Spoilers): 1. The very beginning when Kakihara
turns around and you get to see his face for the first time…he's
smoking…it's awesome. 2. The Suzuki torture scene and the torture
scene with the…arm (as quoted above)…haha 3. When Ichi goes to the
hotel (we see his work for the first time) and he speaks to the beaten
lady from the club. 4. When you find out why Ichi kills people. 5. The
new Anjo gang with leader Kakihara is shown walking down the street in
slo-mo. 6. The entire ending scene on the roof. 7. When Jijii takes his
shirt off towards the end…you will never see it coming…

Overall: It's not for everyone, but I will put it on my list of super
cool foreign movies. This one has heart to it (and tons of gore) so if
your up for it, do yourself a favor and sit through the 2 hours of
great cinematography and splatter-gore/torture/love story/bullying
story/horror/comedy. Then tell me what you made of the amazingly
(left-open) ending.

9/10 Stars. Check out all my reviews at


This is one of those that (if you love it) you will only feel
comfortable recommending to a select few people. Yes, there are a
certain breed of us that revel in the depraved and obscene, but if you
thumb your nose at the current wave of what many consider to be
"shocking" and "disturbing", then "Ichi" is right up your alley and
probably what you consider a part of your comfort zone. Yessir, this
one has it all. Gore? Well, you get that in spades. Engaging
characters? Look no further. For me, it's not so much that, but then
again it IS the characters and the effect that they have on each other.
Relationships are a big part of what drives this movie and through the
plot twists and emotional punches that Miike throws, it's the
characters that draw you back…for repeated viewings, that is. The
blood and guts are secondary. Takashi Miike works more than most any
director today. Yeah, some of his stuff is hit and miss, but this ranks
right up with his best work.


The content in this Miike film was pretty shocking. I am surprised he
even helped in some of it. This film was non stop messed up. All the
characters were completely out of whack. I will admit, I did like some
of the characters. Tadanobu Asano was probably my favorite character in
the film. He was so mentally disturbed and loved to hurt himself. His
forms of torture was pretty crazy too. Nao Omori was half and half for
me. I liked the look of his character, but I didn't like what he was
about. Actually a really close second on my list of characters would
have to be played by Suzuki Matsuo. He actually played twins. But what
I liked is how they seems normal at parts, but were actually really
just as disturbed as Asano's character. Also of disturbing scenes in
this movie and a really stupid story. But for the most part I really
stayed interested in the film since the characters were so off the
wall. But not one of Miike's bests by far.

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