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  • L.A. Confidential
    • L.A. Confidential
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:02:18
    • Director: Curtis Hanson
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:L.A. Confidential


L.A. Confidential is an uneven film, but does succeed on many other
levels. The first 20 minutes of the film are very strong, you'll be
thinking your in for a good ride. Suddenly, for the next half hour of
the film it's uninteresting. It becomes boring with too many characters
jumping from crime to crime, character to character, story to story.
They just tried to jam pack too much stuff in there. After it hits the
1 hour mark, it's back in top form and draws you quickly in again,
making you become invested in the story at hand. It's when the film
slows down from its hyperactivity, and strings the many story lines
together into one big one.

The big problem here is the pace of that 30 minute mark to 60 minute
mark. It's not bad (its actually kind of fun), just makes the project
weaker in that time. A lot happens and it's very "talkie", and the film
doesn't give the audience a second to breathe and comprehend what's
going on.The dialogue makes it a little confusing. It also seems like
there is crime after crime after crime, I thought to myself "Why should
I care?" Though, I must say it's the only flaw.

After that ridiculous second half-hour, it makes a complete 180 back to
where it was in the beginning. The rest of the film was compelling,
smart, unpredictable, and thrilling. The audience also becomes even
mesmerized into the rest of the film. I must say, the twist and turns
are very surprising, like knock you back in your seat surprising.

L.A. Confidential has an excellent ensemble. Is ensemble the right
word? Many people consider it an "ensemble piece". Meaning every
character is a supporting character, such as movies like Crash, The Air
I Breathe, Inglourious Basterds, etc. I'd beg to differ. The three cops
that we follow, I feel would be the leading roles (Spacey, Crowe,
Pierce), and everyone else would be supporting. Either way the film has
excellent support from it's actors.

Kevin Spacey, Im about to call him the Best Actor of the '90s, he is
Oscar-Worthy in everything he does. He's so relaxed in the role and
charming and cocky. He's the stand-out here. Kim Basinger won the Oscar
for Best Supporting Actress for her work here. Is it deserved? Very.
She's great here. Her character is full of mystery and all that makes
you more interested in her. Basinger's nuanced performance deserves
every positive recognition it got.

This was one of Russell Crowe's first performances and to be honest,
it's a great breakout. His solid effort avoids the cliché his character
was dripping in. Guy Pierce even warms up to you though the duration.
Danny DeVito has a small, but memorable role and is as every bit as
good as any cast member. So quirky an fun.

The tech side of the things doesn't slouch either. The film is
beautifully photographed, has lovely costumes, nice sets–especially
Kim Basinger's home. It's silky and slinky; beautiful. The score keeps
you on the edge of your seat and sets the mood.In

The end chase shootout is nail-biting. You also get to see touching
couples scenes throughout. L.A. Confidential also has a humor about
itself, which makes it a rockin time. There's a gag with Spacey and
Pierce with Lana Turner which is hilarious. Great entertainment! Though
there may be one bug rough patch, it doesn't ruin the entire film which
is technically astonishing, has a suspenseful story, and is well-acted;


It's hell of a kind of those 90's shoot first talk later movies. I
first watched it as a kid. Since I watched it again, I thought to add
some words about it here. Some good things that I recall right now
about this movie……Excellent character interactions….very good
character build-ups especially of Guy Pearce……..The bloody
Christmas scene was greatly done by camera(I think it was a challenge
for the camera to find the perfect spots in that narrow passage).
Russell Crowe was just perfect character. Each crime scene had very
good camera introduction. "Rollo Tomasi" was probably an original
concept, because I never saw this particular verbal identification of
such type of criminals in any other movies. I think any more words will
turn this into a spoiler. So, Watch The Movie If you like action and
mystery in crime scenario. More interaction from Kevin Spacey in the
story, would have make it better though.

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