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  • Lajja
    • Lajja
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2016-10-22 01:18:06
    • Director: Rajkumar Santoshi
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Musical, Romance
    • Studio:


I must admit I expected more from Raj Kumar Santoshi. While this film
is being praised in some circles, I found it tedious and sermonizing.
The acting is over-the-top, barring some fine work by Ajay Devgun. The
actresses are all good woman oppressed by an unjust society. Almost all
the male figures (barring our three heroes) are vicious caricatures.
The scenes at Mahima's wedding are almost too much to bear. I
understand the social value of such films, but surely they shouldn't be
THIS black and white. Madhuri shines in a brief appearance and makes
the proceedings partially palatable.

Overall 3/10


This movie is very gripping and strong. It portrays a sense of
loneliness yet unity among women. In other words, a woman (Manisha)
feels neglected and goes on a journey to escape it. On the way, she
finds women in similar situations and Manisha sees how they handle it.
The woman Manisha portrays wants to prove that all women are united and
just don't know how to express their feelings of neglect in a way that
men and society will not condemn them. The characters in this movie are
totally independent albeit linked. Manisha was a little unbalanced at
first but as the movie continued her character became stronger and more
patriotic. She seemed to be in search of self identity and whether she
can escape prying eyes of men. Rekhaji was the most dominant character.
She showed that even elder women are subjected to harassment. Her part
left the audience wondering if there is any justice for women. Maduri
was really interesting. Her role was vivacious yet serious. Mahima was
also wonderful. She was given a small role yet powerful. Ajay Devgan
balanced the movie. He wanted to show that not every man wants women to
be treated like this. The movie is a little slow but the direction was
well rounded and beautiful. It is a little biased but when Ajay Devgan
enters he balances the equation. A couple of the songs were melodious
and it was integrated with the story making it hard to fast forward
some of the slow parts. Each scene tends to take some time to come to
the point but the climaxes were well done.

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