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  • Little Nicky
    • Little Nicky
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2015-07-28 09:21:55
    • Director: Steven Brill
    • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
    • Studio:


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Dreadful bubblegum stuff for the heavy metal set. Satan (Harvey Keitel,
with horns and pointy ears) passes over his two eldest sons for a
promotion; they escape from Hell (to New York City!) and freeze the
fires of Hades behind them so no new souls can enter in. Adam Sandler,
talking in a raspy whisper (and with an occasional drooping lip), is
the youngest spawn of the Devil who goes after his brothers to capture
their souls in a flask forever. Despite a handsome production full of
expensive CGI effects, big set pieces, and surprise guests in cameos,
this Adam Sandler vehicle has no new jokes and plenty of obvious
targets. Even with the large budget and a strong supporting cast,
Sandler still can't shake off the doldrums and give us a comic
performance he believes in. "Little Nicky" backs itself into a hoary
corner, winding up with a showdown between evil and not-so-evil that
raises not a single chuckle. Movies like this go over well with
audiences who don't mind being treated like dolts. * from ****

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