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  • Loveblind
    • Loveblind
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:19
    • Director: C.B. Harding
    • Genres: Action
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I’ll be honest. I got bored with the story pretty quickly on this one
and ended up fast forwarding through everything but the sex scenes. It
appeared to be one of those ones where the mysterious, beautiful woman
walks out the beach in her wet t-shirt, stays with a bunch of people
for a few days and teaches them all how to drop their inhibitions and
live out their sexual fantasies. And I think there was a love story in
there somewhere as well. But nobody was actually blind.

There are eight sex scenes. Seven are boy/girl. In three of those the
girl is Kim Yates, in three others, it’s Catalina Larranaga, and one
has Nancy O’Brien. There is one girl/girl scene with Kim and Catalina.
All scenes are great. They’ve got some really nice sets and the
cinematography is excellent. This is a good movie for Kim Yates and/or
Catalina Larranaga fans. You get to see a lot of them and both are
gorgeous. Since Catalina plays the part of a photographer’s model,
there are also three non-sex scenes where Catalina shows off her body.
One of those scenes also includes Kim.

This movie could have been shortened and paced better and probably kept
me away from the fast forward button. But it really delivered in the
sex and nudity department, so I have no problem recommending it.

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