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  • MacGruber
    • MacGruber
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:30:18
    • Director: Jorma Taccone
    • Genres: Action, Comedy
    • Studio:


I am no Saturday Night Live fan, but in the last couple years I did
obviously see enough episodes to catch MacGruber, the MacGuyver wannabe
that frustrated the hell out of his ladyfriend and the guest star just
long enough so that the bomb he was supposed to disarm went off and
killed all three. It didn't matter why, a distraction, an anecdote, a
story, whatever.

They blew up.

Every time.

For some reason this amused me, the segments never went more than 2
minutes and often his dodgy theme song went for at least a quarter of
that scant time. So when I heard that the MacGruber film was not only
on the way but it had enjoyed some of the best early reviews for any
SNL film since Wayne's World (need I remind you that was about 20 years
ago?) I became very expectant, almost aroused with anticipation.

Now… It's here… And it sucks! I am so filthy that I can't list all
the reasons why MacGruber is nothing more than a lazy, lousy piece of



Yes I can.

Here is the joke, almost the only joke. The first 10 minutes of the
film has various people who should know praising MacGruber. Apparently
so we are told his exploits are legendary and include many awards for
bravery (16 Purple Hearts!), numerous amazing and heroic exploits. Oh
and he is an expert in basically EVERYTHING! The last hour of the film
has MacGruber showing that he is actually an incompetent, cowardly,
disloyal, stupid, disorganized, inept and unreliable idiot. Again,
that's the joke. So every time he messes up it is apparently hilarious,
or it must have been to the writers who found it so funny that they
didn't bother writing any more jokes to y'know top it off.

It reminds me of almost every Will Ferrell film where he is great
because we are told so. He is either a great Anchorman, or a Pro
Basketball player, or an amazing Nascar racer, but only because we are
told so despite all evidence to the contrary.

F*ck if that's funny I will write a film called "white-black guy"
(Coming in the Fall!), in which Paul Giamatti spends 90 minutes walking
around telling people he is black, but never joking about it or taking
it anything less than completely seriously. That'll be hilarious…

The plot is irrelevant aside from introducing a bad guy named Cunthz
(Val Kilmer), only the "hz" is very often silent, also apparently meant
to be hilarious. Even the 93rd time they milk it.

I was so looking forward to this, expecting it to be the first great
comedy for a while that this… thing that they spat out at the
audience is so disappointing… So insulting…

F*ck it. I'm done.

Final Rating – 5 / 10. Should I be upset that they managed to cadge
more laughs out of every 90 second skit than in this entire
abomination? Yes I think I should.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Suck it, MacGruber. No, really… MacGruber is one of those extremely
rare films that starts off terrible and slowly, but surely, gets
progressively better. In fact, I almost turned it off once our "hero"
comes out as a blatant homophobe. Well, it wasn't just that, the movie
sucked up to that point and a little further in the first 20 minutes or

Then, something changed…it actually got funnier – I literally found
myself laughing and enjoying myself more as the movie advanced. And the
addition of the Kristen Wiig character, Vicki, helped a lot and once
Val Kilmer's Dieter Von Cunth was fleshed out, it got better. Further,
even MacGruber's own homophobia was explained…as it is in real life.
(No soap box here, but suffice to say, whatever you hate the most is
mostly likely something you are struggling within yourself. I'm not
saying he's gay, but…)

At any rate, as this is a spoof (and based on the short Saturday Night
Live skit), we have the typical super-human/super-dufus ex-militant
who's called back into duty to stop his arch nemesis, Von Cunth and his
acquisition of a nuclear bomb on US soil.

Unfortunately for MacGruber, in one of the most hilarious scenes, his
band of heavy armed with heavy arms are killed and MacGruber must rely
on Vicki and a "young" military guy, Piper (Phillippe). The rest of the
movie with them attempting to stop the bomb plays out like an extremely
raunchy and male-nude-fest version The Naked Gun series.

My advice: make it through the first third. Forte as MacGruber makes it
fun, but Wiig and Kilmer (whom I normally don't like) steal the show.
It's almost harmless fun and very hard R…or perhaps that was just the
Unrated version I saw.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(Credit IMDb) In the Dzhugdzhur Mountains, Eastern Siberia, the
criminal Dieter Von Cunth robs a Russian X5 nuclear warhead. Colonel
James Faith travels to Rio Bamba, Ecuador, with the efficient
Lieutenant Dixon Piper to summon the retired special operative
MacGruber to retrieve the X5. MacGruber is considered deceased after
the death of his beloved wife Casey by his archenemy Cunth in their
wedding. MacGruber teams up with Piper and Vicki St. Elmo and they
learn that the evil Cunth intends to use the warhead to destroy
Washington D.C.

I didn't really laugh all that much, I didn't find much of the material
funny, but I certainly didn't hate MacGruber either. It just felt like
it was their, and that was that. In all honesty I felt MacGruber's
character was a wee bit OTT, and rather grating to the mind with his
actions. I'm certainly not going to bash people who find his skits to
be hilarious, but I really don't get the strong following he has. It's
filled with potty humor, situations that would entertain teenagers, but
it really didn't do anything for me. The cameos by WWE wrestlers,
especially by Chris Jericho were a hoot though.

Performances. Will Forte is a funny individual, but his MacGruber
character doesn't exactly endear me. He's funny on occasions with it,
but most of the time he came across as an annoying buffoon. Favorite
routine had to be the 3 turkey bit, which I won't spoil. Kristen Wiig
is OK but not anything special. She has yet to do anything for me that
have stood out in a movie. Ryan Phillippe is actually pretty good as
the straight man. Always found him to be an underrated talent, and here
he proves why. Val Kilmer shows up to cash a check as the villain, and
nothing more. Powers Boothe is amusing in his role as the gruff Col.

Bottom line. This is the epitome of average in my books. Nothing
horrible, nothing great. It was was erased from my mind about as soon
as I finished viewing it. That about sums up my feelings for the film.
Worth a watch on a slow moving day.


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