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  • Main Hoon Na
    • Main Hoon Na
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:10:13
    • Director: Farah Khan
    • Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Blown Out of Proportion

Main Hoon Na, directed by Farah Khan is a dysfunctional blend of action
and a romantic comedy. The action scenes are too unrealistic and don't
keep me on the edge of my seat. The parts of the film without action
are humorous and entertaining. Despite the phony violence, the
on-screen chemistry between the cast and the slap-stick humor will keep
you interested. The story begins by introducing Project Milaap, the
first step toward friendship between India and Pakistan; however, a
terrorist group led by Raghavan (Sunil Shetty) with plans to stop
Project Milaap. Major Ram (Sharhukh Khan ) of the Indian Army is given
orders to attend a college in Darjeeling to protect the daughter of
General Bakshi (Kabir Bedi) while at the same time fulfilling his
deceased father's last wish of uniting his family. Ram poses as a
student at a college to simultaneously complete both of his missions,
while developing a crush on his chemistry teacher (Sushmita Sen). He
finds out that his brother is also a student at the college who has
failed several times and is the big man on campus. Lucky (Zayed Khan)
is adored by everyone, but has no direction in life. He is really
admired by Sanjana (Amrita Rao), the daughter of General Bakshi.
Raghavan is on the hunt to kill Sanjana to prove to the Indian Army
that he is serious about destroying Project Milaap. Raghavan's plan to
kill sanjana fails when Major Ram comes to the rescue, but then in one
last attempt to ruin Project Milaap, Raghavan holds the students
hostage at the college. India and Pakistan both go through with Project
Milaap and the students are saved by Major Ram. And Ram's father got
his wish of a unified family. Main Hoon Na has explosions and violence,
but also has enticing music that will appeal to all.

The music in Main Hoon Na, directed by Anu Malik, is fun and fresh. It
is always a spectacle that is exciting and captivating. An aspect of
the film that wasn't so great was the action. It didn't have a sincere
execution and was almost a joke. A scene that caught my eye is when Ram
confesses to lucky and his mother (Kiron Kher) that he is the son that
she and lucky have hated for twenty years. After being kicked out he
also explains that his and lucky's father and lucky's mother's
ex-husband has died. Lucky and his mother are both in shock and in
grief as the camera pans into and overhead shot to convey that someone
is watching them, namely, the father and husband. Another interesting
scene is when a match cut is used as Raghavan is about to shoot Ram
when it quickly cuts to an image of the Pakistan and Indian flags
blowing in the wind. This focuses your attention to the real importance
of what both Ram and Raghavan are fighting for, although they are
enemies. This conveys the overall theme of the film in such a simple

Main Hoon Na was a Bollywood spectacle that fell short of the mark.
While the music and cast were exceptional, it wasn't enough to make the
movie a success. I did enjoy the on-screen romance along with the theme
of nationalism over family, but it just didn't move me. Ultimately the
film was mediocre, but I would suggest it to those just looking for a
funny/goofy film on a boring Sunday afternoon.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This story is about Major Ram Prasad Sharma (Shahrukh Khan), who is
trying to keep his father's memory alive by finding his first wife and
half brother, in order to honor his wishes. In order to find his
brother known as Lucky (Zayed Khan) and keep Sanju (Amrita Rao) safe,
he goes undercover as a student where they go to school and makes
friends with them. Lucky and Sanju have no idea who Ram really is, but
become his friend anyways. All while doing so, Ram faces complications
because he is trying to stop Raghavan Datta (Sunil Shetty), a
terrorist, who is trying to eliminate Project Milaap also known as
Project Unity, which is trying to build a friendship between India and
Pakistan (one that Ram's father was trying to complete). Main Hoon Na,
directed by Farah Khan, is a Hindi action film that is years behind the
technological advances of Hollywood. The film begins with a huge action
scene that shows how far behind they are. From the unrealistic flying
from one side of the room to the other while shooting a gun, to the
blood pouring out of the bodies after they were shot looking as if it
were colored water, this movie is not one that will catch the eye of
any person who enjoys a good action film.

In all of the other Hindi films that I have seen, I enjoyed the music
that was played throughout the movie. Unlike movies like Dostana and
Cheeni Kum, Main Hoon Na goes beyond what people expect from a Hindi
film. The music in Main Hoon Na is excessive and I did not enjoy what
it had to offer. It was too long and drawn out, to actually make a good
impact on the film. Usually the music in a Hindi film is what makes it
different than movies in Hollywood, but with this, it definitely made
the film worse.

The camera angles helped make it a better movie. From the low angle
shots, to the close ups, Farah Khan did a good job directing the story
and making it the best she could. When Ram comes home and sees Lucky
and his mother sitting there in utter disgust because they had just
learned who he really was, the camera closes in on their faces to show
their emotion. During the "action" scenes that occurred, Khan made a
panoramic view so that the viewers could see all of what was going on
in the scene.

It was the story line that made this movie one that I would not suggest
anyone watch. It was supposed to be an action film, but as a viewer, I
didn't think of it as one. I thought that it had too many different
plots that it lost sight of the real point of the movie. I did not
enjoy viewing this film, and would not suggest this to anyone.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Ultimate Hero If you are looking for a movie that comes compact
with action, romance, and comedy Main Hoon Na, directed by Farah Kahn
is the movie for you. The overall theme for Main Hoon Na is Nationalism
over family. This theme is seen from the second it starts all the way
to the ending credits. Even though the action is over dramatized, the
on-screen romance is captivating and the slapstick comedy is humorous,
I am certain that all audiences will approve of Main Hoon Na. Main Hoon
Na starts out by introducing Project Milaap, the beginning of
Indian-Pakistani peace. However there is a terrorist group led by
Raghavan (Sunil Shetty) that has all intentions to stop Project Milaap.
Major Ram, (Sharhukh Khan) one of the best soldiers of India, is given
orders by General Bakshi (Kabir Bedi) to pose as a student and attend a
college in Darjeeling to protect his daughter Sanjana (Zayed Khan) from
Raghavan. Ram is hesitant, because his father's last wish was for him
to find his long lost brother and unify his family. Ram learns from the
general that his brother also attends the same college as Sanjana, so
he accepts the command. His brother Lucky (Zayed Khan), unknown at
first, is a rebel that everyone adores. Sanjana is in love with Lucky
but the feeling is not mutual. As the movie goes on Ram falls in love
with the new Chemistry teacher (Sushmita Sen), and is taken out of his
army stature. Raghavan's mission to kill Sanjana is never at ease,
because he wants to show the Indian Army his dedication to destruction
of Project Milaap. There is no need to worry because Major Ram always
comes in at the right time to save the day. Farah Khan did a good job
at making you feel like you are one with the movie. She uses full
length and wide shots to display the action. One scene that really
caught my eye was when Ram first lays eyes on the new chemistry teacher
Chandni. Farah Kahn uses high angle shots to show Ram's feelings
changing from a stern army soldier to a little boy in love. The panning
through head shots of the fellow students show how shocked they are on
behalf of Rams transformation. The close up head shot of Ram shows his
uncontrollable feelings for Chandni. One scene that really portrays the
overall theme is in the end when Ram is leading all the hostages out of
the building. Ram is leaving with Lucky, Chandni, and Sanjana when he
decides to turn back to kill Raghavan. He tells them that they need to
go and leave him to finish his duties for his country. This shows that
the theme is nationalism over family. Even though his brother and the
love of his life are pleading with him to leave, he feels that he needs
to kill the terrorist for his country first. Overall I enjoyed Main
Hoon Na. It was very different from the average Bollywood movie. I
would recommend this movie to all viewers because it will appeal to
everyone in different ways.

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