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  • Margot at the Wedding
    • Margot at the Wedding
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:50:25
    • Director: Noah Baumbach
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Margot at the Wedding


Don't waste your time or money-this one stinks really REALLY BADLY!!
This film makes the Royal(flush it down the toilet)Tenenbaums look like
a masterpiece!! The only reason I rented this smelly turd was because
we live in the very town-East Quogue, where some of it was filmed…so
naturally we had to check it out. Boy, what a mistake that was!! Can
even remember having Main Street(Montauk Hwy) closed down for a day or
two while they filmed-thanks Noah, the inconvenience and intrusion
definitely wasn't worth it!! Plus they shot some other scenes nearby, I
believe it might have been Red Creek-a really beautiful area-such a
waste of some great scenery. I think I even stood behind the food crew
on the "express" checkout line one morning at the local supermarket-I
swear!! (buying what seemed like a half million dollars worth of
food-at least ten cases of bottled water, must have been for Nicole's
sustenance). I even saw the van as they loaded it up, I guess Hollywood
has to make a big production out of everything. Sorry-I'm beginning to
sound like this movie-haha. Anyway…

This film pushed our patience, in the sense of "when is this movie
going to start getting interesting". My wife and I unfortunately had to
wait until nearly the end before the one scene that showcased our tiny
town revealed itself. Ouch, what an agonizing wait. Even my wife
thought this was painful to watch, and she gravitates towards these
kind of flicks. Awful, AWFUL dialogue. Silly, banal bickering one
minute, followed by seemingly hollow, half-hearted apologies and
reconciliations the next. Over and OVER and OVER again-the whole movie
was pretty much that. I'm not sure what Baumbach was thinking when he
wrote the screenplay, and then directed this junk. Sure he had some
success with "The Squid and the Whale"-which we both liked… But I
guess he thinks he can just expand the wackiness-dysfunctional-kooky
factor and sprinkle in some dull, laughless humor and voilà, he's got a
viewable movie-well WRONG!! This movie tries too hard to be off-center,
dysfunctional and wacky. I agree with other posters that while some
people find these introspectives of nutjobs' lives amusing, most of us
find them dull, boring and almost unlifelike. Main stream folks have
their problems, but not like this.

Want more? Really dopey dialogue throughout most of this film(did I
just say that-well it's worth repeating), bad casting-read Jack Black,
that Pais kid was rather pathetic too, horrible editing at times,
several shots that just totally did not match up, hey that should never
happen in this day and age, and a lousy plot… This film is just a
total waste of time and space(on anyone's DVD shelf). Avoid this
stinker at any cost!! Even a 99-cent rental!!!

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