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  • Meet the Fockers
    • Meet the Fockers
    • Runtime:115 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:44:21
    • Director: Jay Roach
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Meet the Fockers


I didn't think it was possible but this film is worse than the
original. I have no idea why a sequel was made.

It's the same horrible set up from the original film but all over again
mixed with even more horrible sex references and lewd comments from all

This is NOT family entertainment – it is smut and that isn't cool. It
shows family life in the worst possible light in order to get a cheap

Comedy is a beautiful thing and this film goes against everything that
is good about it. It's gross out humour at it's worst.


Think "Meet The Parents", just a bit dirtier. While the original movie
had funny situational comedy, this one has a piece of foreskin falling
into a fondue pan, which works just as well. Dustin Hoffman and Barbra
Streisand are welcome additions to the cast, even though their
characterisations are quite predictable. De Niro's character is very
conservative, so let's make these guys ultra-liberal, it's kinda easy.
Still, the movie has a sort of inherent sweetness, which mainly becomes
apparent near the ending. The jokes are also consistently funny. The
stuff that was funny in the first movie is also funny here, so I figure
fans of "Meet The Parents" can't possible dislike this one. Decent


After the success of 2000 film Meet the Parents, the sequel Meet the
Fockers was anticipated to be big and great. Well, it wasn't great. The
plot was basically the same, expect both families meet each other, and
they have problems with each other. Their families are complete
opposites and don't interact well while being around one another. The
movie started real slow and boring, it got slightly better towards the
end when the secrets got revealed but even that wasn't all that great.
Many things in this movie were annoying and bothered me. Some of the
sexual things they thought were jokes, and some other random re-hashed
crap. Things like DeNiro wearing a breast pad on his chest, the same
circle of trust, the dog humping, the constant use of the word "Focker"
(especially by DeNiro), the sexual convos at their dinner the baby
signals, etc. All those things which the directors assumed was funny,
really wasn't. First the baby was really annoying and not funny in the
least bit. Though one weird but kinda funny subplot was DeNiro making
accusations that Greg had a 15 son by his affair with his old-time
Latina maid. That was sorta funny but it got dragged on too long.
Overall this movie was a disaster and the actors should be ashamed of
themselves big-time. It was a complete disappointment.


"It's nice, all of us being here together, don't you think?"

Ben Stiller followed up the hit 2000 comedy Meet the Parents with a
slightly lukewarm revisit of Gaylord Focker, this time with his own
parents in tow. It's not as funny as the first movie, but it's also not
a complete blight on the quality of the first film.

The plot this time around revolves around the meeting of Greg's and
Pam's parents, as the soon to be in-laws have yet to be introduced. As
you could probably guess, Jack (a returning Robert De Niro) clashes
with the free-spirited and unorthodox Bernie (Dustin Hoffman) and Roz
(Barbra Streisand). Conflict and the occasional humorous situation

With such a great cast, It's a little disappointing that this feels
like such a re-tread, and that so many of jokes are hit or miss. Greg
once again finds himself straying outside of the circle of trust, there
are more jokes about him being a nurse, a dog that likes to hump
things, and a baby who curses. It's a bit of an understatement to say
that Meet the Fockers starts off slowly. Still, there are some laughs
to be had, and at the very least, watching this will get you caught up
on events before the third (and much funnier looking) movie in the
series rolls into theaters this winter. 

Fans of the first movie or Ben Stiller should check this out, but you
should also keep your expectations at a moderate level. The fresh faces
add some fun, but the writing is a little stale.

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