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  • Melissa P.
    • Melissa P.
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:26:22
    • Director: Luca Guadagnino
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:


I saw many embarrassed and even angry reviews on this film, which were
pushing me off the chair, and i wanna talk not about the film itself,
but the topic it chose. Because that caught me in memories of my youth,
that is what also makes a great film, the script, and I can't be
grateful enough for this made me remember.

The film is not as much of a fiction as many would like it to be. In
very realistic way discloses the hyper-sensitivity of youth, the
feelings, the special way everything is coming to a man's brain, the
sex, the colors, messed up thoughts…and then here are decisions. It
is wonderful how Melissa always want to choose what to do with her
life, what to feel, how to act, what to search for, but somehow the
change is only in her deeds but not in her inside, her diary pickups
are often in disharmony with what happens to her afterwards. But
although she is in fact doing this to herself, she is just so full of
it! And so she is coping with her teenage pain as rational as she can
in her age. Of course, the sex. When you don't know what it is, but you
want it badly. She is less self-aware then the character played by Liv
Tyler in Stealing Beauty, but much more pro-active. She doesn't let
situations pass by, she is grabbing what she can of them, she does not
wait in a corner. That's what i liked at Melissa. The cruelty of acts
and the sweetness of the inside. Unsplittable. And that this movie is
more real than a sweet romance movie. It is of the age – if she were a
little more older, the tender detailed camera would lost its narrative
function. And maybe the casting would pickup another actress.

Anyway, I love it more and more. It's telling exactly the teen story,
which have been missed.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is not for adults. It's about some high school kids,
reflecting on their usual underdeveloped personalities and high levels
of hormone. Unless you have some pedophile deep under, there's hardly
anything an adult would relate to. So, kids will naturally be attracted
to it, and therein lies the rub. The problem is this movie trivializes
for an underage girl to give blow job instead of being kissed, have sex
with someone she has not met before just to prove that she's "not a
baby", agree to walk down into a cellar blindfold and have an orgy with
5 strangers, participate in sex fantasy of an adult man she's met in
internet chat… horridly gullible, spoiled beyond all repairing, where
you would expect her to commit suicide or something in the end. But no,
she's alright, she accepts who she is and embraces it (yeah, every
hormonally unstable 15 year old knows such things, right?.. hello?).
Overall this movie shall morally make a septic effect on your kids,


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When you see a movie about something controversial you can focus on
your opinion on the subject… or you can focus on the film.

This is a movie about sex and teenagers, and yo have to choose between
your opinion and what the movie is. But when putting stars to a movie
or writing down a review… I prefer thinking only about the movie.

And… it has an excellent photography, and a pair of really good
actress (Marisa Valverde, as Melissa; and Geraldine Chaplin as her

But the film relays excessively on its matter. It lacks dramatic
progression, or any deep sight inside the characters. So you have to
get tied only to the sexual experience of the girl.

That's why for me the film just deserves a six.

But I think it will be ethically wrong to avoid saying a word about its
subject. This movie begins as a transgressive one… only to turn
around as a conservative one near the end.

And I deeply dislike it. The true usually lies in libertine lives.


I just learned this movie is based on a book. I must say I would never
read it. The story line has absolutely no value -a young girl believes
that just because her first sexual encounter was somehow traumatic,
that made her instantly an expert on men and sex- it's really a poor
subject. Besides, there are no interesting dialogs nor an appealing
related story to support it. The main actress Valverde doesn't look
young enough and most of the rest of the cast seems isolated. On the
plus side, the movie is nicely shot, the background songs are
appropriate and Geraldine Chaplin brings some brightness as the
bohemian grandmother. Teenagers sexuality is a subject that should be
treated with more depth otherwise the result is sooo vain.

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