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  • Memphis Belle
    • Memphis Belle
    • Runtime:107 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:21:28
    • Director: Michael Caton-Jones
    • Genres: Action, Drama, War
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Memphis Belle


There's a reason why they don't make war films like this anymore: it's
hard these days to sell the idea (Desert Storm aside) of a good and
noble war. Which makes this dramatic re-creation of a World War II
bombing mission (by the first 8th Air Force B-17 to complete a full
tour of duty) an anachronistic throwback to those crowd-pleasing
propaganda movies made while the conflict was still being fought. Much
effort went into the airborne battle scenes, some of which are
undeniably exciting despite the obvious F/X work, but the film
collapses whenever there's a break in the action. Monte Merrick's
one-dimensional screenplay presents the horror of modern mechanical
warfare as a grand adventure fought by reluctant heroes: those
magnificent stock characters in their flying machines. And the
triumphant, champagne-popping finale has all the emotional credibility
of an Air Force recruitment ad. Let's get real: a war film, in this day
and age, with a happy ending?

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