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  • Merlin and the Book of Beasts
    • Merlin and the Book of Beasts
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:29:19
    • Director: Warren P. Sonoda
    • Genres: Fantasy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Merlin and the Book of Beasts


I seriously disagree with the other review. I honestly suspected this
movie was going to be bad before I got into it, so I wasn't expecting
much to begin with. That being said, They talked too damn much and did
too damn little. There were very few action scenes and those that were
were pretty lame and didn't seem well thought-out. It was a classic
sci-fi channel movie, completely lacking in real plot development or
ability to draw in the audience.

I enjoy sci-fi movies a lot, but only if they aren't garbage. I have
watched a lot of garbage, and a lot of fairly good sci-fi movies,
including Lord of the Rings and Star Wars of course. I have also
watched and loved the Star Trek TV show and movies. I honestly have to
say that I would prefer to watch In The Name Of The King, and that
movie was terrible. The problem with this movie is that it was boring
and did not engage the audience in the least. There was too much
talking, especially with big fantasy words that were unnecessary
aplenty. It almost seemed as if it was trying too hard. I would rather
watch a Dungeons and Dragons movie, because at least they do enough to
keep me involved.


I can say that I saw all absolutely all the movies on the genre, Merlin
is one of my beloved characters and this guy James Callis -who is not
that bad in Battlestar- is the worst Merlin that I ever saw, I mean it.
His accent is so horrible, not enough old, not enough wise, terrible.

The blood in the movie looks like grasp berry juice.

There are some scenes so slow and useless like the one in the fountain.

What the heck is doing Medusa in UK?

Excalibur is not any sword is "The Sword" and it looks like any sword.

What the heck happened in the eagles scene?

The rest of the movie is like a big chapter of Xena or Hercules, not
that bad.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's be honest; If you were wondering if this film is for you, the
answer is yes! It's got something for everyone. If you're looking for
romance, family feel good, or even action, then this film supplies it.
James Callis' new spin on the legendary wizard of Camelot was surely
Merlin's most prestigious return to the silver screen. If you want to
hear Merlin's famous gruff welsh accent then look no further. We all
know that part of his mysterious persona is not being able to hear or
understand at least 50% of what he says.

I almost believed I was part of the action. In fact, yesterday, In a
brawl with myself in a local mirror, I tried to hug myself to diffuse
the situation. Clashed heads though, blood everywhere, not as effective
as Merlin's cast. of course though, they are trained professionals,
what do I know.

The film is packed with morale fibre. It says to its audience, "we're
going to mention some disturbing incest, and then not really discourage
or even repress the idea."

What more could you want. Merlin's ever lasting wisdom and combat
efficiency is astounding. Truly an unforgettable ending. I'll never
forget the… book.man.?being stopped? or something. yeah, brilliant.

I have to say I loved the way in which Medussa's powers varied in
strength from person to person. Slow creeping stone or instant rock
form. Take your pick.

The music carried the characters into further intense spirals of truly
record breaking writing. Who knew a WOMAN could touch Excalibur.

I would say this film rivals LOTR in depth of character and story

Please, watch this film. 10/10


I won't even bore you with why this film is great. I am just here to
say that I watched it with my mates tonight not expecting much and we
were blown away at how it sucked us into the story. It's so well
written and the acting is outstanding. How this has been poorly rated
and not won any awards beats the hell out of me.

The special effects for such a low budget film were amazing, we
couldn't tell if they were effects or not to start with. The locations
for filming were just spot on and beautifully put together shots. The
mise en scène was clearly carefully looked at and just pays off like a

If you get the chance definitely check out this film!!

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